Dragon Lamp - Drogon burning the Red Keep

by frabines Jun 23, 2019
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What is the best orientation to print the dragon?

No problems with supporting the dragon? Seems where the fire meets the mouth is a weak point. Did you re-enforce this in any way?

You are correct, it is a weak point. As is, it will survive a grownup and a teenage user but not a 5yo (mine broke in that particular place when my son was playing with it). I found it is stronger if you fill the tip with something that dries solid (i.e some sort of glue/epoxy) in that way the stress on the tip is brought further down where the cross section has a longer perimeter to hold to. The stressed section is the part inside the mouth close to the mouth exit, not the thin tip. You may try and add a perimeter/infill customiser in your slicer to print that section thicker. I suggest you not to glue the dragon to the fire as you will want it to pivot around the tip when you accidentally hit it, rather that send the entire force to the tip.

can u please share the link to led used?

Hi, it is a standard 12VDC LED down-light with MR16 pins from which I removed the voltage rectifier circuit to connect directly to the LEDs with a resistance in series to adjust the brightness. There are several brands and designs that will fit. You may need to remove the rectifier circuit and the pins for it to fit in height (check before buying the light and/or printing the base). I did it in mine because the circuit in the down-light was not working an I decided to recycle the down-light instead of throwing it away.

I have tried printing this and other versions......would you be able share your print setting file......I just broke my wing as the support material wouldn’t come off close to bed printed upside down

I use a prusa MK2S and PrusaSlicer. I have attached the config file for the print settings for PrusaSlicer. Something to note is that I had to add 0.07mm of XY compensation to make some details on the neck printable, but the downside is that the studs that connect to the lower part of the body then get too think and need to be filed down (or the holes on the bottom part drilled bigger which is what I did). Orient your top part such that there should only be support material in the lower part of the print (I assume you are printing the dragon in two pieces). I used the PrusaSlicer "place on face" tool for this. Good luck!

I would love to print these pieces to go with my existing print but I was unsure if this had been re-scaled at all compared to the original lamp?

Hi williampatton, no re-scaling has been done from the original lamp. Just print the extra pieces.

Sweet! Got these slicing now.

My wife will be please with these, we felt the original on it's own is just a little lacking as-is.

Where did you get the light/what did you use to set the light up?

The light is a 12V LED downlight that had stopped working but the LED's were still fine. I removed the rectifier circuit and plugged it (through a resistor to tune the brightness) to a 12VDC supply. You can use an ordinary LED downlight and a dimmer if you have one available. The light has to be LED in order to minimise the heat generated inside the lamp