Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Robot Bob

by sweaving Jun 22, 2014
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where kan i buy 12x8mm on/off switches???

i bought mine off Ebay, but they will have them in RS, or Farnell..etc.

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My version of the coding can be downloaded from my "Thing Files" if that helps!

it seems all the code examples to similar builds are gone from lets make robots anyone have any helpful code?

I have this crazy idea to make a hummanoid robot with full range of motion to chill in my room but hey you gotta start somewhere when all you know is LEDs lol. cant wait to put this thing together. Im gonna have to buy another micro thou since mine is currently sitting in a cube lol

Hi, The 123D Circuit is for an Arduino MIcro. Do you have a circuit for the Uno. I am a total beginner and trying to come to grips with Arduino. I have an Uno and would like to use it if possible.

Hi, great job.

I have seen that the feet don't have the holes to screw the servos.

I just used self tappers straight into the plastic.

Hi ! Great Bob ! ^^
Did you wire the whole thing to the nano by yourself or did you follow a tutorial ? I would love an explanation on how to use a nano for Bob !
As I am a total noob, if you know where I can find a tutorial to follow to build my own Bob with an Arduino nano that would be really cool !
Thanks :)

I've found this on 123D circuit : https://123d.circuits.io/circuits/1460010-bob-the-biped . Is the wiring ok ?
Thanks :)

I havnt been able to open the circuit file, but basically, power to the servos should come directly from the power source, with the servo signal going to the correct pin on the Nano. (check the pin assignment in the Arduino code.) .

for the ping sensor again check the pin assignments in the Arduino code!

Hope this helps...its been a while since I did mine!

What type of screws did you use for assembly? This is my first build that requires screws.


To assist other makers who need to buy screws I prepared a list. the 4 short screws are for the outer edge of the servo arm. If you are unable to obtain the shorter screw you could use the longer sized and as there is no interference but the shorter screws will look cleaner. This assumes your servos came with mounting hardware. If they did not you will need 8 additional long screws

US/Imperial/Standard Screws
4 - #2x1/2
8 - #2x3/8

Metric (holes accept up to M2.2)
4 - M2 5mm
8 - M2 10mm

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i just used whatever small self tapping screws i had kicking around...lol. sorry i could not be mores specific.

Hi again I know your busy but could tell me where i could find this I keep getting this error i went online to find a fix but could not find one, below is the error I get
Serial.h no such file or directory
I hope i'm not too much trouble thanks

P.S. as you can tell i'm new to the arduino but i'm trying to learn
Thanks Again!

Hi looks like this Lib has been updated.

change the line


sorry i cant right the full line out on here as for some reason thingiverse does not like the hashtag or the greater than/less than symbols!

dont forget that with arduino caps and non caps are critical...lol.if you put a caps where its not ment to be it wont work.

hope this helps

Hi thank you for posting the files
I do have a questions about the arduino files, how do you put all the .ino files in one sketch at the same time?
I hope you answer this but thanks anyway for even putting everything up!

Make sure all the ino files are in one folder.
then open the bob walk1 file, and it should auto populate all the others into different tabs than can be compiled and uploaded.

I wrote it like this to keep each activity type separate, so it was easier for me to under stand what was going on as I wrote the code.

hope this helps.

for an Arduino? I can put mine up if you like, its a bit clunky but it works..lol

Any place to find good source code?