Ahmsville Dial

by Ahmsville Jun 25, 2019
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A few questions? I found this while looking for Autocad Fusion controls.

  • How long does it take to get your board kits to the US 77073 or is there a US based distributor that can print the boards?

  • Can you modify the top model so that the magnets are stored within the top so they don't have to be glued in?
    I would pause the print and insert the magnets at whatever layer height rather than using glue.

  • Can you modify the top so that you can use 3D printed flex filament around the outside?

  • What would it take redesign the board so that all of the Arduino parts are on one board with a Microusb port for the connector?

  • Wouldn't it better to have the capacitive touch have 2 separate sections so that you can have more than one button to tap?

Q1- About 21 days.
Q2- I am sorry but i cannot modify the model. I designed the dial to be easy to assemble for EVERYONE, while it is possible to pause the print to insert the magnets, gluing them is the better option.
Q3- I will look into it.
Q4- I did consider designing the board this way, I might reconsider it for future versions.
Q5- This is also something i considered, the problem with that is the dial becomes orientation dependent, which means you will always have to look at the dial to know where to tap...keep in mind the capacitive touch detects 4 touch types.

Thanks for the reply!

In Q2 I considered super glue would just be one more thing to buy. I could always remix the top myself.

In Q5 I was thinking that since its wired and not wireless that the direction you orient it would be based on where the cable comes out of the casing. The Beetle BLE would be able to add bluetooth and microusb. I figured space for a battery would have to make the design larger though.

This is a device i use everyday, and from my experience, i can tell you that people will not always have it upright, i personally move it around depending on what i am doing... if you do end up making one for yourself, i am sure you'll see what i mean.

I will look into the beetle BLE...Thanks for the recommendation.