Raspberry Pi 4 B GPIO / Octoprint Ready Case! Includes Slim Top & VESA Mount!

by morganlowe Jun 25, 2019
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Hey so I saw what it takes to mount a fan, but what does it take to mount the pi to the board? Currently I have it just hanging out on my printing space which I am fine with but I'm probably going to end up using the case for other things too because I like it.

See hastily taken pic for current state of it. :3

Check out the first pic here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3540440

The 4 screws on the bottom that fasten the case together also hold in the pi, It's pinched between the case halves!

2020 Series Frame Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 Case Mount with 60mm Fan - Octoprint Ready!

It turns out I'm just a derp- thanks a ton for being so helpful and/or patient.

Another question/request:

Any way you could make a 30mm fan top? If you're not feeling it it's fine.

Fantastic case now that I'm not being silly, I absolutely adore it for my Octoprint setup and I'll be using it as I get more Pis (I want a few 4GBs to set up some test boxes for stuff I do for work).

fine, I added a 30mm fan, offset to the CPU too. Looks so tiny!

Once I get a new top (And the reinforced bottom with fillets!) printed off I'll post a make. Thanks again dude.

Ahahahah, you're too good to us man.

That Pi laptop setup looks rad as hell too. You're a solid designer.

Thank you! I carry one of those Rasptops with me on my motorcycle, and for being solid PLA it's not broken in the last 6 months, maybe more, have to check the make upload date.

No problem! Trust me even the best engineers can look right past a simple issue and go nuts!

I made the VESA mount for workstations, it snaps onto the case with tabs and lets you screw it to VESA 100 mounts, like a monitor but not a huge TV for workstation use. I really don't plan on a 30mm version because I hate how those fans sound. So buzzy to me >.< Noucta 40's though work fantastic and I got PILES of 60mm fans from old old old heatsinks that have 0 hours.

Currently I am working on putt my Pi 4 -4gb into it's new home, a Rasptop 2.0!

I had it working in a chassis I had around with the official 7" display but I wanted the higher res screen so printed up a new one in all glow in the dark, and it fit's great

Thanks and good luck!

Rasptop 2.0 The Better Raspberry Pi 7" Laptop *Source Files Included* *UPDATED a lot*

The fixing needs to be improved.
The holes to mount are badly made. To thin the fastening layer. They fall.
You have to make cones instead of cylinders and increase the height.

Do you mean the 4 holes that pass through the pi to the top? These are for M2.5x10 self-threading screws, what are you using?

It's the four downstairs.
I wanted to insert a screw but it is too weak.
See in the picture what happened.

OK all fixed, I never had that part break before but there was enough space to jam in some more material along it.

So here's the original:


So the new beefyness:


And from above:


The new base STLs are uploaded. Thanks!

[Also it looks like your machine could have used support for the recessed screws there, it seems it didn't make a good base.]

OHHH I see the error, it's missing a fillet and edge, I'll fix that now, thank you!

I see something changed but why do not you make a taper/cone on the whole height of the support?

Two reasons:

1) It will make it weaker, there's not room for that sort of swell and it would make it even thinner at the edge of the recess for the screw.

2) Not to sound mean but you're the only one who has brought this up. I have 4 of these cases in use and 2 of them are in vehicles with no issues. The other two are attached to my two printers. I think it's more or less a bad print. I can see it in your picture where there's dripped material visible in the screw hole signalling that some of that base was lost in space, so the thickness was reduced where your case broke.

Here's the example:


You can see the wall thickness on a cone results in a much thinner side vs the design with or without fillets.

I print without support.
It seems to me that this Fillet has only been done on one level.
In my opinion, you can still make it on the second hollow - it is more important.

Yeah that is the change I made, plus some other minor ones!

See again where it has broken.
In my opinion, it has not strengthened here.
Do not take offense - I just like your case, this one is for correction :)

I see, OK, I fattened up that area some more too. There's about 1mm of material in all parts of the screw recess now. Previously it got pretty thin down to about .65mm

This looks fantastic! Do you know if the Pi4 heatsink will fit inside this case?

It should, there's a lot of room for that kind of thing. I use 20x20x15mm heatsinks and they fit just fine.

Thanks a million for the reply!

Thank you very much mate :)

Any idea if this case with fit a pi hat? I am using a hat with screw terminals to make connecting GPIO a little bit easier.

Unforunately no, this was designed for GPIO and Octoprint so the tall top has enough space to place DuPont connectors right on the pins. This includes things like pre made wire and what I do is use a kit to terminate my own wires.

Is possible add a cut for flat pi cam?

The wiring cutout is in the side, the rectangular cutout is large enough for GPIO wires and display/cam flat cables to pass all at once. It's on the side because this case is designed to be used on my printer first and I like my cables neat as I can get them.

Thank you for the 40mm fan top!! you are awesome!

Looks very nice! Would you mind sharing an F3D or other source file so that we might add our own mounting options? E.g. I'd like to make it mount to 2020 extrusion for one of my printers.

You mean like This and This?

I have a whole bunch of 2020 rail designs, check out my Things!

This and all my designs are made in Solidworks 2019. I share source on some projects but have no intention of sharing this source. It's just not in the DNA of this project.

2020 Series Frame Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 Case Mount with 60mm Fan - Octoprint Ready!
Raspberry Pi 4 B GPIO / Octoprint Ready 2020 Rail Case! Includes Slimmer Top!

I second the 40mm fan option. Thank you ahead of time!

Are you sure this one fits the 4b? Or is it a good guess of where the ports are?

It,s based on Raspberry Pi Org's published mechanical drawings so yes. The issue is I dont have one to test tolerance and height of the HDMI and Type C connectors came from the drawings on Digikey.com

Hi, I printed the case out last night to try it out. Everything appeares to fit correctly apart from the micro HDMI ports, they are too recessed to push the cable (official) in far enough so no picture. If you take a look at the case they released you can see that it bends inwards so the ports are flush with the side of the case (Not something I noticed until I was looking for the problem) https://thepihut.com/products/raspberry-pi-4-case-rw?variant=20064194822206

Hope this helps.

Thank you, this will be addressed re-released tonight, I will take down the work in progress when all is confirmed.

Provided that the printer didn't have an error at my work tonight, I can report tomorrow if the housing fits and the tolerances of the different sockets are okay. I got my Pi4/4GB today in Germany

Hi! I printed bottom and the top cover for 60 mm fan on a Flashforge Finder 2.

I have made some observations that might need to be addressed.

  1. The left side of the GPIO pins are much lover compared to the right side. I think you should use the same level on both side because there is no room for any cable connections on the 2 pins at the left side.

  2. There are no space around the 4 pins behind the network port, so it wont be posible to use that add on for power on Ethernet, not a problem for me, but some might miss it.

  3. It might have been a problem with my printer, but I had to carve out material in the lover part where the USB ports are to be able to have clear sight to the mounting holes at the other end of the card.

  4. Maybe the same problem as 3, but I had to do some adjustment with my knife around the display ports and the holes in the top cover above the power connector was not correct printed but maybe that was because of my printer. I haven't had this printer for so long time so I have to learn all kind of options there is. Still on the first filament roll that came with the printer.

Now I just have to find a usable 60 mm fan to mount in the case.

BTW. There seems to be many 50 mm fans laying around so maybe it would be an option to do one top for such fan?

Thanks a lot for a very good job

Best regards

Awesome! Yeah please let me know! I will make any adjustments needed, just private message me any changes that need made. Starting tomorrow I will be driving for two days so might be a delay.

Okay, I'll try it when I receive my pi

They ship the 4gb ones first around August 1 in the US, possibly sooner! I got one on order for the Rasptop 2 now.

Mine is arriving today in the Netherlands ;)

a closed top or cut for 30/40mm fans would be great :)

I will do 40mm but not 30mm, and i can make a closed/vented slim top. The Pi 4 will make heat under heavy use so if you want a slim tiny case this isn't for you. This has primarly been designed for projects using GPIO and a lot of processing like Octoprint

Octoprint and GPIO Control Tutorial!

looks good morgan, I will have to try printing one of these up soon. Although plan on getting raspberry 4 soon :P

They say they will ship around August 1st, 4gb ones first. I wanna get to play with, one of the Rasptop laptops would really be sweet with that! I got enough parts for another 2.0 too.... damn.

Rasptop 2.0 The Better Raspberry Pi 7" Laptop *Source Files Included* *UPDATED a lot*

the position of the network connector is on the other side

I thought I missed something :p

Anyways, fixed, all new renders and new STLs uploaded, thanks!!