JTW HCC-2A (An Open-Source TM/WE/KJW Hi-CAPA Carbine Kit)

by JokerToolWorks Jun 25, 2019
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Amazing transformation kit, I'm printing all the needed parts and also editing the front receiver to mount WE Hi-Capa 5.1 which have a rail already in place (do not need the accesssory rail). I will publish it on Remix projects as soon as I print this kit and install in on my Hi-Capa.
After last update on 7/19/2019 I cannot find on file list the new Muzzle_Block.stl compatibile with the new Receiver_Rear.stl so please updload it as soon as possible.
Thanks again to share your nice project.

I'm hoping to print this for a KJW KP-05, are you saying you needed to modify the above design to fit the WE? (I've tried printing another similar kit, also meant for a TM hi capa, and had a hard time fitting it on..). If you did need to modify it, would you mind posting the files? I can then confirm if either design works for a KJW KP05. Thanks!

Here is the front receiver and the pins to block/unblock the gun to the kit edited to fit WE Hi Capa 5.1 I printed the whole kit and it's working like a charm I also attached a demo video of the kit. https://www.facebook.com/samui3DprinterOnlineShop/videos/3152245051460061/

Great work! I've linked your comment in the Additional Files section for people WE's.

Awesome! Can't wait to see it!

All of the files should be fully compatible with each other at this time. I did just update Receiver_Rear because a phantom object had snuck in during export, but it's fine now.

I'm sorry for the mistake but the the missing part on file list is the Stock_Tang.stl compatible with the new Receiver_Rear.stl due to the different location of the holes which has been moved on both sideds and on top of rear receiver.

Oh! Okay, got it. I've just swapped out the old stock mount design with the new one. Thanks for pointing that out!

The response to this kit has been nothing short of stunning. We're coming up on 3500 views and nearly 500 downloads. The kit was even well-received on Reddit! Thanks for all the support! I've also received several tips since uploading this - DEFINITELY not necessary whatsoever, but surely appreciated!

I have added a remix (yes, another one) exclusively for experimental parts, which I am calling the Experimental Parts Branch. You can find this here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3728631

These are parts I'm currently working on and have not been tested, but are being refined for integration to the master (or as additional remixes). If you have a suggestion for a new part (or a revision of an old part), let me know and I'll consider it!

In other news, I will soon be sending a copy of this kit to my friend Eric of Gun Gamers (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxT0PdTbhorLMdKvBc5ZwbQ) of which I am like... a tangential original team member. I don't think he's planning on doing a video on it, but he's going to make a report for me on exactly what kinds of Hicapas will fit the kit. Stay tuned!

HCC-2A - Experimental Parts Branch

I have added optional files in the Remix section for:
-Outer barrel extension ("mock suppressor")
-Printable Milspec Buffer Tube and Buffer Tube Nut
-Printable and adjustable Milspec LE stock

Also check out Mdigibou's remix of the rear receiver (if you use those files instead of the original, the entire kit can be printed on a printer with 220mm^3 build volume). I have also found that gumo_design's Q-Grip fits this kit perfectly.

If you go with the buffer tube, nut, and stock, you can either use an M5x75mm screw to attach the buffer tube to the stock tang, or you can just glue them together using a compatible chemical bonding adhesive. I'm unsure of how strong they will be as they have not yet been tested, so if you try it out, please comment on them saying how it worked out!

So I assume you used a lower frame hi capa with a removable p-rail, not an integrated one?

Yes, this uses the removable accessory rail.

ah right, I'll make some adjustments and post up a remix

Im so close to printing this out for my self!!!!!! but you think i can use my 1911 in this? cause i really really want it ;~;

Standard 1911-style airsoft pistols (including M.E.U. models) won't fit, unfortunately. Even if they have an accessory rail, the dust cover will be too low to fit into the forward receiver.

mhh ok,do you have the CAD files ? cause maybe i can make an adapter for 1911 in fusion 360. Or make a version for 1911s, if thats ok with you?

I used Blender to make this. I've attached the file in this comment if you want to give it a go. If you want to remix it to fit any other pistol model, that's totally fine - open-source project.

To fit it to a 1911, pretty much all you'd need to do is either raise the rail interface assembly upward an appropriate amount, or lower the portion the dust cover sits on (and the barrel port on the muzzle plate) - then make sure the charging handle aligns properly between the barrel and guide rod on the 1911. The inside of the receivers would be a little wide for a standard 1911, but it should still fit and function properly.

Alright! thank you! ill see what i can do

You ever make anything? I’m looking for something to fit my Elite Force 1911 gen 2

Snazzy. I like it. Especially the front-cocking mechanism. Very unique.

Good work!