Parametric dovetail organizer: boxes, bins, drawers. all vase mode prints.

by TreeHouseDesign Jun 26, 2019
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Clipping sections for bin and box are mixed up and default values are inadequate.
Also, directions naming is purely wrong and confusing.

Sorry it didn't work out for you. I've been cranking out boxes and drawers all day. But I wrote the code so...

What do you mean "mixed up". Did you start from a preset? All of the items shown in the pictures were printed from the default presets. So I'm not sure what you mean by inadequate. If you have specific coding suggestions I'd love to hear them.

The bevel/clipping code is clunky and easy to mess up for the angled bins... as I said in the description. I'm switching to a bevel library which should make the beveling much more intuitive and/or allow me to hide it behind a couple of simple parameters.

I don't use customizer tab in OpenSCAD and default values are trash.
"clipping box parameters for cliping pin edges" - i just don't understand what it's really for and how it should work in any meaningful way. It's doing pretty much the same thing as "bin rotation and clipping box parameters" above, and what about different bin orientations?
Also, drawer gaps and overall drawer and box dimensions are reeeaalllyyy unclear. I set X and Y at 40mm, box is much bigger, drawer is much smaller... WTF?
Very nice model overall, but needs cleanup and proper instructions.

The default values present you with a text panel which says to start with one of the presets... which ARE the default values... because they contain known good values for each model. You can berate me for not writing the code to suit the way you use openscad but I did point you in the right direction. You can reference the json file and manually enter the examples if you really don't want to use the presets feature.

Fair enough point on the dimensions. I can see where that might be confusing. The boxes are made based on a reference cube which has dovetails added and subtracted on the X and Y axis.



will give you 40x50x70 box with doevtails attached to 2 sided and dovetails subtracted from 2 sides for final dimensions:

[40+dovetail, 50+dovetail, 70 ]

Drawers will be correspondingly smaller in the opposite direction since they need to fit inside the box which has had inner dovetails subtracted. Then there is the added difference of the drawer gap which makes the drawer smaller still for an easy fit.

I have no problem finding presets, but my statement is that default should be usable by default, because it's default :)

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