Robo 3D USB plug support adapter

by delorean88 Jun 23, 2014
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Hey guys, this was one of my first models and I didn't know how to scale the object in Maya to match realistic measurements. I have since moved on to a Makerbot printer, however I do not want to leave you hanging. Could somebody measure the hole in MM and let me know the size? I can fix the scaling issue and re-upload the model. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Not a big issue for me but I like the idea so I will make sure to measure it tonight for you.

16mm x 16mm and it is 22.75mm to the connecfor from the outside of the case.

Got it. I'll update the scale and make some modifications. I want the adapter to click in better so i am going to expand the "wings" of the clip. Would you mind being my beta tester since I no longer have the printer?

Not at all, I sent you a PM with my email to communicate a bit quicker.

when you size it up to that its too big

Model has been fixed. Thanks!

not to scale. too small.

Model has been fixed. Thanks!

model was not to scale. Read later that it needs to be scaled up.

Model has been fixed. Thanks!

hi delorean88 , Love your idea for the SUB support . Now I very new at this how do I size it to 1.8 in repetier im looking at don't see resize on the screen . cant you Help !! . here is my email phantom302@roadrunner.com thank you for your time

Model has been fixed. Thanks!