Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Raspberry Pi 4 Case, active cooled with wall mount

by tipam Jun 27, 2019
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Hi Tim. Have you done a version for a 40mm x 40mm x 10mm fan?

Hi Tim --

Can you make this with a captive hinged lid like your v.1,2 (with all the camera thingies) that needs hinge pins? (Both versions are working fine though, a snap on hinged lid would be kool though.

Hi Chuck ... I'll see.what I can do

Can i request it to have an additional part to fit my pi's new cooler? :) Love this design, but need one that fits my new cooler.

If you could make the side grills tall as well for proper intake and exhaust, and fit the cooler's top inside that square below the pi logo. Fan side measures 35.06 from fan to back of the heat sink, and 42.06 from the side and is 63.40 from pi board to top of the tallest copper pipe.

Hi Duckers,

Wow! that's some cooling system!! ... however, I noticed the fan is bolted to the board and so the base will need modding as well as the lid ... without the fan in hand, it would not be easy to modify. Even then, it usually takes me several prints to get it right. So sorry, I don't think I can just add a new part. Just to note, the fan looks really nice, but it's quite an overkill; even a standard fan keeps the Pi4 running really cool no matter how hard you push it (unless you're seriously overclocking I suppose ;-))

For me it ran at 68c idle. and 33c idle with the cooler. But i like it as it will be my retropi machine which can get hot with 100% cpu and gpu in emus.

If you ever decide to change the model, here's the cooler :)


3M Premium Micro HDMI to Standard HDMI Cable Lead for Most Phone,Camera &Tablet


  • HDMI plugs fit and work well. Those nearer £2 on eBay do not work at full resolution.

I hate noisy fans but find that using the 3.3Volt rail for the fan still keeps the Pi cool in silence.

Superb box that all fits - thanks!!

Nice case, printed well on cr10s. Unfortunately the official mini hdmi cables don't fit in the slots due to the large molded plastic surrounds on them.

I've not got my callipers to hand, but I'll get a measurement soon. They are so large though that there will be very little printed plastic around the hdmi sockets on the case.

What mini hdmi are other people using?

Hi Mart1ns

They can be a bit of squeeze - I'll update the holes and allow a bit more room. I bought a couple of Amazon basics for £5.79 and those fit fine ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/AmazonBasics-High-Speed-Micro-HDMI-HDMI-Cable/dp/B014I8TZXW/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=High-speed+micro+HDMI+cable+on+HDMI%2C+latest+standard%2C+0.91+meters+%282-Pack%29&qid=1563865867&s=electronics&sr=1-2

Thanks. I took a file to remove some of the surrounding pla. Really nice model and the small heatsink/ fan helps to stop the throttling.

Could you add some nubs along the edge of the lid and the track it slides into so that the lid can "lock" into the closed position?

Posted a make of this. Really love the design. Love all the little details like the labeled ports, the raspberry on the fan grill, etc. Really great job with the design all around!

Thank you Npakaderm ... you can also try v1.2 as well if you like; has a nice stand and detachable webcam and an activity LED ...


Raspberry Pi 4 Case with Camera and Stand
by tipam

How much clearance is there between the CPU and the fan in the latest iteration? The heatsink I bought for my Pi4 is about 15mm high - and I am looking for a case with a 30mm fan holder where it will fit.


Hi Roquen - the heatsink I'm using is only 7mm high and I can put a 10mm high fan in with about 5mm clearance - so a 15mm heatsink probably wont fit with a thin 7mm fan without interference.

I've nearly finished a new case with a camera attachment - I could heighten the clearance to fit a bigger heatsink, see pic attached ...

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Hello Tipam, indeed a good job!.
The fit is very good. Needed a case for the new formfactor and this is a handy box.
I printed one with white pla and will post a make soon.
To quickly print i only printed the two parts of the box. No need for wall mounting or vesa.
In slicer i let the box sink 3 mm through printbed because i did not need such a thick bottom..
Some suggestions:
The 30mm fan fits nice. maybe it is also an idea to make small nubs to fix the pi4 pcb.
3mm pins Instead of holes (for screws) so the pcb can't move.
Round holes in a pattern for ventilation instead of high thin ribs that easily break.

Hi ehj,

Thanks for your comments on the box - it is evolving until its 'just right' so I really appreciate your comments! I'll add a few variations to the builds so people can pick and choose. I find the mounting plate quite useful for hanging the Pi of the wall and sliding it out when I need it. Your comments on the ventilation are good - I'll make a variation with holes since some prints can be quite brittle if not printed at the right temp or certain PLA's ... Same too for the nubs - I'll put those in. I've added a bit of space to insert the board the and it now fits snug into the base. Thanks again and let me know if you have other thoughts :)

All the best.

Comments deleted.

Nice job!! I'll be giving this a try when I get my pi!

Thanks - I'll be adding a few tweaks and parts quite soon.