Human Brain, Full Scale

by MiloMi Jun 23, 2014
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Nice file/model.....thanks for the work!

I've cut it in in slicer to halves, so its not staying on supports. After that I've glued it together. I still kept supports on bed. Btw it will be used in school.

Pretty awesome mate! I have a speech about the full usage of the brain in a couple of weeks, I will be printing 3 of these for my exposition and give them away at the end of the speech.

Thanks! And sweet move to bring brains for hand-out :) Share a "Make" if you get the chance. Always cool to see how the old noodle turns out on different printers :)

Hi! The medulla is segmented away.

Is this anatomically correct?

Yes it is. As correct at the MRI-scan is able to construct, at least :)

Hi willowmountford!
Yeah, its segmentet from a MRI-scan, so its 100% correct.
Naturally, since the cerebellum is removed, there are some small fragments of overlapping structures, but it`s all brain :)

i mostly make brackets so i did a low res print. it took 6 hours per hemisphere with 0.8mm nozzle at 0.4mm layers, but it came out great. It is a little rough in some spots, but overall great for a working model.

I´m glad to hear, Simonpackman1! Theres some delicate structures on this model and Ive never seen it printed in 0.8 and 0.4 :)

i have my brain ready to print but I want to make sure I print it to scale. How do I ensure I print it to full scale? Would this require not resizing each hemisphere? I will be printing on a Makerbot Replicator 2.

Hi Netters.
I've printed this in Makerbot myself, and the scale should remain 1:1 when imported into MakerWare.
Happy printing! :)

Please tell me this is not a scan...

It's a MRI-scan :)

Could you tell me which software / tool you used for brain extraction? And which for converting nii to stl?

All the rendering and converting has been done in Freesurfer.

I'm pulling down Freesurfer now (nifty app BTW!). Did it allow you to export to STL natively or did you have to do any any tricks to get STL output? I've checked out the wiki and don't see anything obvious (yet).
Just curious are you in the medical field? I'll be attending RSNA in Chicago next month specifically for the 3D printing track.

can i make him smarter?

Im open to suggestions :)

I went to slice this at 100 microns. I heard a snail went around the world 8 times before I saw a progress bar. So my advice to everyone... PRINT AT LOW RESOLUTION. Make it look pretty in post. Awesome model though. I am printing it in gold, so I can carry it around at work to win arguments. Who is right, my manager? Or the man with a golden brain in his backpack? I need to put a chain on it and wear it as a necklace.

Startet slicing it at 100 microns myself, wich pretty much caused my computer to shout "Attica" and start a major riot.
Low res is a GOOD advice :)
I painted a right hempisphere in a dark brownish colour, just for the heck of it.
It only makes me hum "Chocolate Brain" every time I see it.

I printed them "as is", temporal lobe pointing down and with raft + support. Basically you are going to end up with a lot of support wich ever way you print it, due to the structure, but let me know if you try and succeed with any other orientation :)

How did you orient these for printing?