Locked Dovetail Triangle Gift Box

by sneakypoo Dec 9, 2012
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what the point in making in non-commercial if the thing its remixed from isnt...

Comments deleted.

What's the point of the passive aggressive ellipsis? There's a very simple explanation, it was the default when I uploaded the thing and I didn't think to change it. Imagine that, a little mistake. I've changed it for you now so you can go ahead and sell it. Have fun.

Not that it stops anyone from doing it anyway (which is why I no longer upload any of my designs here).

you mention "please see video on the original thing", but I cant seem to find any link to the original anywhere?

On the right side under "Remixed from" you'll find a link to this thing which has a video: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16569

Locked Dovetail Triangle

thanks. just found it. I was looking much higher on the page.

I really like this item, but as mentioned it does have a couple things that could easily be addressed.

The issue isn't so much with the rollers but with the channel width in the larger part. My Vernier shows the smaller part channels are 4mm wide but the channels in the bigger part are only 3.5mm

Sanding the rollers does help, as would scaling of the part i guess (I'm not a big fan of "finishing" prints), but they fit so well in the smaller channel as they come off the printer it seems wrong to interfere with them as you then end up with a looser fit all round and the lid rotates a lot more while trying to open it.

Could the channels in the bigger part not be widened a touch so they match the smaller part?

The rollers falling out could be addressed by building a roof over the channel on the inside of the rotator cuff. It wouldn't eliminate the problem completely it would probably help?

I can't believe I didn't see that there was a difference in the width of the channels before you mentioned it... jeebus. I've updated the bigger part to have 4mm channels as well.

As for making a "roof" to keep the bits in, I don't know. I might take a look at it later but this thing isn't very popular so I don't know if I feel like spending much time on it.

Not popular?!?! this thing is awesome, I've already had hours of fun with it (although I have had to hunt for the cylinders nearly every time someone else has opened it, and it's only just off the printer :)

Thanks for the base update. Don't worry about the roof bit if you have other things on, I may have a fiddle in blender a bit later anyways. If you have the original files in blender and are inclined to share, I'll have a tinker and send them back.

Thanks again for a great thing.

Well, compared to the labyrinth giftbox with just under a thousand likes this one doesn't see much traffic :P But I can of course not take full credit for it since it is a remix :)

I made it in SolidWorks so I don't have a Blender-file to share. Would some other format like STEP work?

I've only just lean't Blender so not sure what else I work with. I'll give it a go and keep you posted. Thanks again :D

I love this. That being said I see 2 small issues with it (one fixable one not so much).

Yours has a name that gives a clue that the smaller piece is the bottom, however if you turn it upside down (the smaller piece is logically the top if not labeled) then it opens 8 out of 10 times in this position.

I think if the one of the 2 ramps were reversed (so if turned upside down it would roll into the locked position) it may fix this.

The second is that so far everyone that opened it almost lost the lock wheels as they fell out on the ground but I don't see any fix for this.

None the less, it's a great project and I will be giving some with gifts inside this year.

Strange, I just checked my two boxes and I have that problem with one but not the other. Hmm...

As for the other problem, yes, that bugs me a bit as well. Blame the original designer :D I tried coming up with a solution but I quickly decided that it wasn't worth the hassle for me. My first thought was to lock the discs in at print time in their slots but then you will definitely have the first problem since they can only roll down and not up.

 As a follow up. I checked the box that didn't work as expected and found that the discs didn't slide unhindered into the slots of the big part. I dragged the discs on a sandpaper a few times and now it works much better.

I had to sand mine down to and made sure they would roll uninhibited but still opens sometimes when upside down. I noticed that if it does not open upside down that if I shake it about a bit (while flat on the table) I can usually get it to open.

Still it's a great piece and will make some recipients very happy. I will just print some extra rollers to give with it as spares for lost ones.