Grand piano and stool

by Winslow Jun 23, 2014
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For those of us using Cura, moomaker4ever below mentioned upscaling the piano case STL by 25.4. For me, in Cura, that translates to uniformly scaling to 2540% of the original size, since Cura shows me the scaling as a %. Maybe that will help peeps.

Thanks a lot :D

the fallboard overhangs the keys too much and doesn't look right. also, the case scales differently than the rest of the model and now that I have the case printed I have no idea how large to print the rest of the model. argh!

here is a bad attempt at editing your stl, but it is more correct. maybe you could modify yours with better cad skills? the upstop rail above keys is there now, and the fallboard is almost right, the rollover at the top should be more steep as if it would match the radius of the front of the arms when closed. I'm a piano technician, so I would love to print one out that is accurate but my cad skills suck! Your piano is the best one on thingiverse I feel.

but I'm not sure if the piano comes out in pieces or in one whole piece

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I love the piano but i don't know whats up with me spelling piamo instead of piano i also like the piano because i play piano so that inspired me to download this thing

Hi Winslow,

I really love this model! May I ask what piano it's based on?

I'm not familiar with the Cura software, (I use Makerware) so I'm afraid I have no idea what is causing your problem. Could it be a metric/imperial issue? The model is 1/24th a full-size piano, so the actual width of the STL model at the keyboard end is 2 1/2 inches (or 6.35 cm.) and the length of the model's case is 3 7/32 inches (or 8.176 cm.) Sorry I can't be more helpful.

You are dead right Winsolw, it is indeed a metric imperial issue. as per this link http://www.makerbot.com/blog/tag/inches-in-mm/ all I had to do was scale up piano case by 25.4 and now everything fits perfectly. Many thanks for both your help and this wonderful model

I also met some metric issues, so you mean, the piano case should be printed in inches, but others should be in millimeters?

For some reason while I try to load the stl file for the piano_case into cura 14.07 it ends up as micro sized when compared to everything else. You would happen to know what the default size of the piano_case is ??

same issue here, but recognized it after printing the case… i printed it with 6000% but now i dont know how lage the others must be…

same idk how to fix I'm just not going to print