Top Mount motor Bowden Extruder nema 17 2020 extrusion (Ender, Geeetech)

by Seltix Jul 1, 2019
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I printed the 60 degree for my Ender 3 Pro. It is probably just me, but I noticed as I raise the bed, the bowden tube spins in the collar on the hot end side. It is new PTFE tube, so that could be it.

I liked the hole for the t-nut on the back. Would it be possible to add one to the front? I have a little wiggle on the front that I'd like to tighten up.

I just update the STLs with the new version including the extra hole in the front.

about the tube, it does not really spin but it does change the curve direction depending on the hot end position because the tube cant rotate freely on the hot end part but until now I did not notice any quality problems in my prints ( this only append when the tube is separated from the cables ).

dont forget to post your make ^^

Thanks! Make posted :)

That looks quite nice! One thing I was wondering is how the bowden tube and filament inside would behave when you print higher stuff. However, considering I am usually printing something flat or short, it may not be a problem. I would love to try it with extruder assembly side way as well if that straining is a problem.

thanks :D
My first reason for this model was to remove any filament guides because there is always some drag and pulling from the extruder motor and since I dont print tall objects (at least yet) there it's not a deal breaker for me but yeah I supose it could be a problem.
With the extruder on the side it could solve the height problem (if it is a problem a all) but I will need filament guides again... :/
A better solution for the height problem could be to, maybe, rotate the motor in the horizontal axis making the exit in a diagonal curve instead of a frontal one...
If you try it post your photos :D

Great design I think I will give it a try.

Great =D post your photos when you do

I did and posted a make, sorry about the mess!

How did you make the buy me coffee it's really cool. I see your printing quality is not perfect you can try my setting for Ideamaker that I posted. it's way better than

I did print in 0.2mm but sure let me try =D I will report back after testing =D
The buy me a coffee it's just the PayPal form, search for create PayPal payment button and you will find the tool to create it from PayPal themselfs