Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

KSP Magnetic Building Blocks!

by ahmedjaber, published

KSP Magnetic Building Blocks! by ahmedjaber Jun 24, 2014
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DDW96, original duplicator of the LV-30T Rocket Engine used in the KSPMBB set, has requested that I remove my tag from his model. Instead of downloading the Starter or Basic sets, please download all parts separately and use the "NoInitials" version of the rocket engine.
This idea's been on my mind for a while now. First of all, my thanks go out to "lilykil" and "DDW96" for the models themselves-- all I did was poke a few holes in them.
This is a set of printable KSP parts with tiny holes for inserting 1/4 x 1/16" magnets (these, specifically: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0012AUU84/ref=wms_ohs_product?ie=UTF8&psc=1). Print the parts, glue the magnets in place, and get your Jeb on!
Jebediah Kerman does not endorse KSPMBB's
Included in the Starter Set:
1x Mk1 Lander Can
1x FL-T400 Fuel Tank
1x LV-T30 Rocket Engine (Please download the "NoInitials" version)
1x Mk1 Parachute
1x Stack Decoupler
2x Radial Decoupler
2x RT-10 Solid Fuel Booster
4x LT-2 Landing Strut
v1.01: Fixed radial decouplers, made landing legs more robust.
v1.02: scaled up slightly because the hole diameters were too tight.
v1.04: Scaled up further for more forgiving tolerances, made radial decouplers more robust. Added a simple tolerance test with three holes: center is with no adjustment, left is -5% scale, right is +5% scale.


I recommend printing "kspmbb_testfit_v104.stl" first, as it will tell you whether or not you need to adjust the other parts' scales to accomodate your printer. The test is simple: print the test at 100% scale and try inserting a magnet into all three of the holes. The middle one, marked "0" is at 100% scale. The left and right holes are sized at -5% and +5% scale, respectively. If the center hole gives you the best fit, then you don't need to make any adjustments to the other KSPMBB parts. If either the left or right hole is a better fit than the center hole, make a note of it and adjust the scale of every subsequent KSPMBB part you print (i.e. set scale to .95 for -5% and 1.05 for +5% scale)
Most KSPMBB parts will require supports, and due to the small size of many of the set pieces it's recommended that you set your infill density to something high. You can press-fit the magnets into most of the holes for a snug fit, but it's best to use superglue to ensure nothing will come loose.
Here are the magnets that the KSPMBB's are designed for (cheap, strong, and infinitely useful): http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0012AUU84/ref=wms_ohs_product?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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why the ugly letters? how do I remove them?

A relic from when I was way too enthusiastic about sticking my name on things. Here's the TinkerCAD link where you should be able to modify stuff as you see fit: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/5OwGJq6mPeh-ksp-magnetic-building-blocks-starter-set-v102

Why the AJ mark on everything when you didn't make the models? Seems kind of shameless and obtrusive...

Noted. Thanks for the input.

You are all arguing about models that are direct .MU rips from blender and placed here, illegally. Squad would have a field day with you all.

"Argued." The popcorn went stale months ago.

According to the source models' authors, each part was recreated by hand. Additionally, the source models and KSPMBB's are distributed under a non-commercial license. Squad does sell 3D-printed KSP merchandise through Shapeways, but they're figurines. They could, of course, take all of this down with a quick email to Thingiverse, but I don't think many would consider that a "field day." More like a chore.

I like the idea of this, I wanted to do something similar but you didn't have to put your markings on all these parts you are not the rightfull owner of...
plus, i dont think people like your markings as much as clean ksp parts...
thank you tho for starting this up, if you like, you can use my ksp basic jet engine and future designs aswell IF you dont put your markings on them.

I understand why you feel that way, but there are a few things to bear in mind here:
1) You published the model under a ShareAlike license, so the rightful owner is then entire community. Per the license, my derivative credited your model, its source, both via Thingiverse's Remix feature and in the part description.
2) Save for the parachute and pod, my initials are not visible when the parts are attached. Furthermore, any future derivatives made by others will always be using your model, but my part in making the KSPMBB's is less prominent, just a bunch of holes. Given the above and the fact that I've spent a lot of time and filament tweaking everything to print correctly, I feel I've earned the right to add my tag.

It IS a bit over the top. The result is it makes people want to make duplicate versions without those initials, so they look to see if you've uploaded source files, and then they realize you didn't, and they consider reduplicating your effort elsewhere just for a clean version, rather than using yours. I was actually confused when I saw AJ for the first time, wondering how I'd missed this detail in the game.
They're not even your original models - you based them on someone else's work. I suggest you reconsider - it feels rude.

I didn't expect to become the bad guy by trying to make a fun toy based on a fun game...
I don't know how to remove the initials anyway. I can take the whole thing down if you guys want.

It's okay that you used my model, that's why i shared it under the sharealike license. but this means that you can use my model not make it look like yours.
I have worked a few hours on these parts to make them look as realistic as possible.
i made them for people to print and "remix", not to make them look theirs.
please remove them because people don't want parts with somebody else's initials on them, or else I would have done it.
Thank you.

And he still hasn't removed them. Great job BTW!

The initials on the single part of your that I used are barely visible when printed and completely covered when attached. Anyone who reads the description or looks at the Remix section will know that it's your model, and anyone who hasn't read the description to see your name probably hasn't bothered to look at my name either.
I have no interest in taking credit for Squad's copyrighted model that you've taken credit for. The initials were meant for no other purpose than to mark my contributions to the model, not to fool people into thinking that I made everything from scratch. If I did want to fool people into thinking it was 100% my work, I would not have credited you as far beyond the requirements of the ShareAlike license as I did.
Despite my personal feelings on (1) your rights to the model, (2) your point of view, and (3) your persistence, I have gone ahead and uploaded a tag-free version of "your" engine model, along with clear instructions right up at the top of the Thing Description telling everyone to only use the tag-free LV-T30.
Happy now?

So, just so this is all clear and spelled out...
... you figured out how to remove the initials, and you then removed them on only DDW96's piece, since that's the one he's complained about.
...and you've left your initials on all of the other parts.
Am I understanding that correctly?

If the person who actually has a valid reason to complain is no longer complaining, I'm pretty sure that means you can drop the trolling and go away now.

see? thats what people want, clean parts!i think that that is the most important.

Good idea, save you printing out all the different configuration of ship every time you want something different. Nice work.

I went ahead and uploaded separate files for each of the parts. Turns out TinkerCAD is running a promo that lets free accounts save unlimited designs. I'm starting to grow fond of their service. May even give 'em the $20/month they're asking for...

I'm on a free TinkerCAD account that only lets me save a few designs. unfortunately.