Mini RC Jet Boat - 20mm Jet Propulsion

by jtronics Jul 5, 2019
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When i download the Thing, theres only the rc_mount part. :(

hi there i have already purchased your files but have a few questions. what is the difference to the version one hull and version 2? also the bottom has printed thiner than the rest of the hull any idea why?

STL files v002 of the RC Mini Jet Boat are

  • optimized water inlet of the jet drive
  • bigger and optimized hull
  • optimized nozzle and clevis
  • new 3d printable hull seal (TPU filament)

Wooaa! That is a great and simply desing, i love it, i want to print a lot of it, thanks

Thank you :-)

hy just purchased the design . Can you design a boat stand?It will be nice to keep it exposed :d ... and maybe a cover with a cabin form or something?

Hi, user ARAY designed a boat stand for the mini jet boat. You will find it here ... https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/boat-holder-for-mini-jetboat

Nice design! I did pay for the download and am printing it now. Just curious, what happens when it does flip over? Is it capable of getting back up on its own? Maybe by going from full reverse to full forward throttle? That works for my other boats. I hate swimming or losing my boats... ;)

Sorry, but in moment it didn't turn by itself. We tried to integrate a flood chamber, but there was not enough space, so we removed the flood chamber. But I only get it turned, under full speed, with a new battery and if I change the direction totaly. But I'm working to find a solution.

I have several other small boats like the famous Feilun FT012, FT007 and Udi 001. They all have a self righting ability without a flood chamber. They use the torque of the motor and the hull design to flip it. By doing a fast reverse to forward switch it turns right away. Maybe you could look into something similar as a solution? I am waiting for the parts to finish this one. Looking forward to it!

Also, maybe as an extra tip: Maybe it is possible to integrate a protective mesh or something to reduce the chance of debris to hit the prop.

Hi, since some weeks the boat has a Self-Righting function. You only have to download the new boat cover. https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/mini-rc-jet-boat-cover-self-righting
Here is a video ... https://youtu.be/t9Kk2T7_msU

Existe vídeo del ensamblaje de la parte electrónica? Podrías actualizar la lista de material a comprar, algunas cosas ya no están a la venta. Gracias

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hello, how did you solve to avoid the entry of water? I would like to buy the file but I am hesitant

Is it waterproof ... YES!

  • Watch the video RC MiniMono Boat - 3D printed Jet Drive UNDERWATER! After that, there was no water in it!
  • If your print of the hull is good, it should be waterproof. But, if you want to be safe, you could still paint it with a thin layer of car clear coat. I tried both variants and it works very well.
  • The drive shaft of the boat is sealed between two plain bearings with a lubricating seal.
  • The cover is sealed with a 2mm cord of foam rubber

Nice build!
why the hole on the rear right side of hull?

The picture is of the last prototype. There I tried to integrate a self righting boat flood chamber in to the design.
It didn't work, the chamber was to small. So the recent design is without a self righting boat flood chamber.