Raspberry Pi 4 case with break-out GPIO tab + fan versions

by Harryb1991 Jul 8, 2019
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I really like this case, but may I make a suggestion? Make sure you can bolt the case together using M2.5x20 screws. Most screw sets don't have screws longer than 20mm. Yes, the non-fan case works with M2.5x20, but the fan case, or at least the 30mm fan case doesn't work with 20mm screws.

I really like this design, could you please upload the design files, so I can add custom holes to mount it on a drone? Something like f3d or STEP file.

Amazing design, would like to have one for the Pi 3b+ if possible.

I see it is created in Fusion360, would you be willing to share the design files ?

Very nice model !
I printed it and I would like to modify the top in order to add a hole for a sense hat, do you mind sharing your fusion 360 project please ?

This case looks so good. Any chance you can make a RPi 3B+ Version? No other 3B+ case that I´ve found so far looks this cool.

Another question - any idea if the fan versions (assuming 10mm depth fan) will fit with both the fan and standard height heat sinks on the inside (the 15mm ones you posted for example)? Or do you need shorter heat sinks/put fan on outside?

No worries. You cant fit a heatsink and fan inside these cases. If you want a heatsink, a fan needs to be mounted on the outside of the case. You can only fit the 25mm x 25mm x 10mm heatsink inside the 30mm fan case if you're mounting a fan outside.. On the 40mm fan case, you could use up to a 25mm x 25mm x 15mm heatsink, as long as you position it correctly so it doesnt hit into the nuts on the underside of the fan.

Would it be possible for you to mix a top case piece that adds 5~10mm in height so the fans and heatsinks can both fit inside? It is really close with the 10mm height fans so only needs a touch more space.

One other request if you are messing around... the knockout over the GPIO pins isn't big enough to allow the connector from a ribbon cable to go through it... like a connector that goes over to a breakout on a breadboard... it needs to be a maybe 5mm wider and as long as you can make it right now I have to shave the edges of the screw posts...

How did you print just the very top and very bottom a different color than the middle? The part files show it as just a top half and a bottom half.

I used Marlins m600 filament change at Z2.2mm, you can add it to the gcode with a text editor if your printers firmware has the advanced pause feature. The filament change is actually integrated into PrusaSlicer's preview tab too so I just added the colour change in there.


I can add a dual extrusion/mmu version today for people who can already print multi colour though

That's a bit over my head but I'm sure others would appreciate haha. Model looks amazing either way thanks for your upload.

In Cura, post processing edit the gcode... insert a filament change at around layer 14 or 15, that prints the whole bottom in one color then the walls in your second filament... using that you could swap multiple times and end up with a rainbow. ... for other models to find the right height, slice the model and then use the middle layer tab to see where you want to do the switch over..

I love the super aggressive diamond texturing on the side, it's super grippy. How did you model that?

It's called a knurl pattern, I modelled it in Fusion 360 using the pattern along path function. This video should give you a good idea of how to do it. https://youtu.be/oe0f7288Enw

The model came out great. Thanks for the upload.

Can you consider posting this as a "Make", it looks very nice.

That's a beautiful print. What filaments did you use?

Prusament Galaxy Black and Polyalchemy Elixir Copper.

I see a top with what looks like a mount for a cooling fan. What size are you shooting for? I would seriously like to see a top for the Noctua 40mm fan. Mounting holes are 32 x 32 mm.

It's a 30mm fan, I've just finished it, it's been raised to fit a fan inside and after I've taken pics I will upload. I've got a 40mm fan version printing right now, I had to move the slots that the ribbon cables come out of to make it fit but you should still be able to feed a ribbon through and plug it in before assembly. I will test fit with M3 x 14mm bolts but I have M4 x 14mm screws on the way that are the right size for the 40mm fans mounting holes.

Finished printing a 40mm fan version this morning in two colors. It will fit the 40mm Noctua fan. I am waiting on some M2.5 screws. When complete, I will post a make. I have a question, however, what holds the Raspberry Pi circuit board to the bottom section? The posts attached to the top section are too short to hold it in place. There appears to be approx. 7mm gap between bottom of the post and the top of the circuit board. Did I miss something?

Also, hope you don't mind another suggested enhancement. It would be nice to be able to use M2.5 heat set inserts rather than nuts in the bottom section. After looking at the finished bottom section, I think it would be a simple modification. Fill in the hole for the nut. Pass a 3.8mm hole through that post instead of the 2.5mm hole. The insert would be pressed in from the bottom. Having the choice of insert or nut would be a nice option.

The holes on the Rpi are to fit an m2.5 bolt through, the screw posts are only used more as a guide for the bolts. When all 4 screws are in, it holds the Pi in place fine with no play or movement IMO. Now you have it together, would you agree? I think maybe a second model just for heat set inserts with no holes in the bottom and just a 3.8mm hole in the screw posts for the insert to go. It's a nice suggestion and I'll aim to add it soon. I can make the screw posts longer but it means the print takes a little longer. What do you think I should do with it? Do you think it would be better with longer screw posts that go all the way to the board?

Excellent Harry Great Work!

Spot on that, nice design