LC1574W-04-025 black spindle (PCB ANT)

by Sojus Jul 8, 2019
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You're a life saver!
I stripped the top threads and thought I wrecked this sometimes hard to find stepper motor.
A 10 minute print had me back in business. I'm not sure how tight I need to keep it.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Thanks for doing this, great job. Didn't even occur to me. How do you disassemble the motor to replace it? Don't want to break anything else :)

never mind, managed to find out how to do it. FFR all that is needed is to (carefully) grip the motor housing and then unscrew the white shaft housing.

Thanks for asking this. I came here looking for how to do disassemble it too. Unfortunately mine was super-glued and the case broke. Luckily it was just a spare.

Could you please post a picture of the motor with the shaft housing removed? Are there any kind of gears between the motor and the output shaft? Thanks!

no gears...

Hi, yes just unscrew it -in my case it was easy...

btw: what is FFR?

@lgv2016 sorry, already assembled it. there are no gears inside, just grip the motor carefully and unscrew the white shaft housing.
@sojus: for future reference :)

Nice job. Thanks for sharing this design.
The Ant Z-motor is difficult to get. I found just the motor at Amazon. Could you please model the threaded housing (white plastic) as well? That would complete the linear actuator portion of the motor. :)