PCB assembly forming plate for surface mounted devices (SMD)

by makkuro Jun 26, 2014
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Missing 2 libs - 'Write/Write.scad and module 'writecube'

I updated the file - now you don't need any library anymore to customize it for your use.

Ive looked at this for about 10 minutes and have no clue what this is. How do you bend SMD components and why would you want to do that? Its not like you can bend the pins and use it in a pinch for a through hole component. I have no idea what purpose this has, maybe to identify package sizes but why 3D print a gadget for that when you can print it out on a sheet of paper. I dont know, this seems completely useless to me.

It all depends on your workflow. For some, SMD soldering is harder than through hole component soldering. With this tool, you can prepare the SMD components to make placing and soldering much easier. Its only useful if you solder SMD by hand. In the next revision, i might do an auto-bend mechanism as well.

It still doesnt make sense... You dont need to prepare SMD parts, you place solder and solder it onto the pad. Please explain how this tool actually works and what are you even bending? How can you bend an SMD cap or resistor???

You don't have to prepare the parts, its optional. Depending on the manufacturing process, some SMD parts might not need the preparation to fit.

Wow dude, what the heck is preparation???!! You buy an smd part and solder it on. There is no need to bend legs, mostly because there arent any, and you dont need a holder for it. You take it out the package and reflow solder it or hand solder. I doubt any one who has looked at this device has any idea what its for.

Good point. Another angle is Poka Yoke: Try to avoid issues e.g. while soldering by using technical solutions. So this can help here, exactly when you have to prepare a soldering session or are unsatisfied with the parts you got. Several people i know have the tool now in their standard soldering equipment. And when somebody sees my tool, they want one for themselves. Checkout also the number of collectors for this model above (more than 100 at this point).
As this tool is inspired by Kaizen, if you have any improvement suggestions, i would be happy to implement them.

I just think it's handy to identify footprint sizes for SMD devices :-)

Great! Definitely one tool that lacked in my soldering equipment, how could I manage to solder smd until now?
All the resistors and capacitors were bent freely, what a shame ...

I uploaded an updated version: You can now customize the tool. The bend height can be set freely and you can change the space adder around the components to fit your printer. (The current .4mm are good for most cases)

This has got to be a joke.

Cold-bending of a straight SMDs is impossible without this tool. By the
way, I plan to add an auto-bending option and bend-to-fit for PCBs with
the wrong size solder pads.

How are you bending your SMD resistors and caps? lol?

How are you supposed to repair SMD caps and resistors with this? How would this help in prototyping? The only use I can see is if you have a pile of SMD components and you don't know what size they are.

You can repair circuits by preparing the replacement SMDs before soldering. When doing a prototype version of some electronics, many solder the SMDs by hand. Here this tool can help. You put the components into the slot with the correct code on the side and can work on them.

What preparation do you do on SMD caps and resistors? How do you work on SMD parts? How does this help in soldering with SMD? Seems to me like you are just adding an extra step.. A step that just adds more work.. I agree with Vapor's comment.