Emmet's Gear Bearing with customizable text

by pyrophreek Jun 24, 2014
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Love your creation, but I can't make the CUSTOMIZER to work. When I click on it, it states that I'm in customizer but everything else is blank. I've made one couple days ago, but today I can't! Does anyone else knows why? I do not have cookies turned off, so I do not understand, why would it work once and now it doesn't.

Printed great with a .1 layer height on my Robo R1 Plus. Text came out surprisingly clear (shallowest depth used). With a tolerance of .25 the gears move (quite) freely, although I did have to give it a slight torque at the beginning to loosen the gears (not much though!).

Glad it printed well for you. Please post a make!

I tried printing this with a 0.1 layer height and the text (I used your default text settings) looks completely destroyed. Any suggestions? (printed with a printrbot metal simple)

What slicer are you using? also, I have actually found that, depending on your nozzle size, fine details like engraved text can turn out poorly. I would decrease the text emboss/engrave depth to no more than 2X whatever your layer height is going to be.

I'm using Slic3r built into Repetier. My nozzle size is .4mm

I'll try it again with a .4 engrave depth with a .2 layer thickness.

Hope this works!

I tried to generate a custom version but the Customizer gives an error about a JSON something not having an Octet. I tried some variations but each time it failed.

Are the gears supposed to turn? Mine dont. I used a formlabs printer, does that matter?

It depends on the calibration of your printer. If you are overextruding slightly, then they may fuse. Depending on the settings, you may need to break the gears free by inserting a allen key and torquing it. If you are having trouble getting them to come loose, change the tolerance setting in the customizer.

this is how graphic tool?

I am not sure what you mean, but all I did was add a couple of extra features to Emmet's design to allow the addition of one line of wrap around engraved text. This is done by editing the OpenSCAD code, which is the backend for the makerbot customizer app.