Knife Sharpening Tool for whetstone

by Baggi0 Jul 9, 2019
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So I printed this up, and everything went fairly smooth, once I adjusted for the diameters of the rods I was using. Had a chance to sharpen a few knives, but noticed that for very small or thin blade knives, I couldn't move the guide (part that the blade edge supports on) far enough up the main holder so that it protruded past the edge.

Any chance you can add another guide file that is extended maybe 10-15mm in depth, so that it almost touches the edge of the main support when at its full extension?

I've just rustled one up and added it bud.

I made it 15mm longer so hopefully that'll be OK.

Worked great, thanks

No problem :)

Is there any chance you would be able to alter the files so that it fits 3/8" (9.5mm) pipe? Amazing enough, even though I am in Canada and we use the metric system, most of the stores only carry imperial pipe. I've tried a few prints as they are just too loose when using the 3/8" pipe.

Yeah no problem, I'll update the parametric file on Fusion360 so everyone can set whatever diameter they wish.

I've just designed a different clamp that holds the stones with velcro (hook and loop) so its a one clamp fits all deal instead of making clamps to suit different sizes, so you may want to hold on for a couple of days to see if you prefer that as I'm waiting for things to come before I can test it.

Excellent, I'll hold off until you have that update. I guess all the holes that have the pipe through it will need a parametric file correct? I appreciate you willing to work on this

You mean the guide and sphere that it slides through? That shouldn't matter tbh as is only a guide, the only problem would be if the pipe is bigger than 10mm then it would be too tight.

The new clamp is parametric and everything is changeable, from the hole on top for different size bolts to the sides for different size Velcro.

Edit: I just thought I can make the sphere parametric that will be the easiest way to fit different diameter pipes without having to reprint the whole thing if it is too tight/loose.

are they solid 10mm steel rods or hollow tubing?

edit: nevermind I found that it is alum tubing