Powerful QC3.0 powerbank with protected connectors

by fkopac Jul 10, 2019
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" Any Fire retardant and impact resistant (PETG or ABS) "

ABS is fire retardant? Have you tried that?

Yes, I did.
See here. It's basically the same material they build electric boxes out of.
It's the best way to build a sturdy and light e-bike battery. Smells a bit while printing, though.

I just checked my ABS and I'd rather say it's an accelerant. Burns quiet fast with a bright flame and emits lots of nasty smoke.
I would be careful to recommend it for electric projects.

It's sad, you didn't even bother to look at my reply and the link there.
You can buy fire retardant ABS, PETG, PLA and probably other filaments as well. I would be nice if you simply googled things before knee-jerking next time.

If you know where to buy these filaments then you should be more specific I think. " Any Fire retardant and impact resistant (PETG or ABS) " sounds like any ABS or PETG will do the trick.
Also did you check the link in the description yourself? http://www.amazon.com/s?url=search-alias&field-keywords=Any+Fire+retardant+and+impact+resistant+-%28PETG+or+ABS%29&tag=tv-auto-20
That search doesn't show any filament related products.

Thingiverse makes an automatic link for an Amazon search out of keywords. Which is annoying. I did not put any link there.
The printing part is now updated, but honestly, if someone would build this on the basis of my description without knowing about or even just googling "fire retardant filament", trouble will be their constant companion. The warnings are clear. I don't go around performing surgery either.

Neat idea, thanks for the design.
I'm thinking of adding something to hold/support the iron when in use (suitably insulated with e.g. aluminium strip).
I'll add a remix if it works out.....

Good luck, I added the STEP file to the project, it should make things easier for you.