A30 BMG Direct Drive

by Kanawati Jul 10, 2019
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I printed all the parts but my E3D V6 hotend would not touch the bed. The bed is about 6.5mm lower than the tip of the nozzle. I could only loosen the bed screws so much before it comes off. I also tried moving the Extruder mount 6.5mm down the frame but it keeps breaking. Can you make another version of Extruder_Mount.stl that is 6.5mm lower? Also it is hard to screw in the E3D_Cooler to the heatsink to prevent it from moving. Would it be possible to make another version that would add an arm to the E3D_Cooler that could be screwed into the Extruder_Mount so it won't move? Thanks in advance.

Hi revp, it seems to me that you are using the short heatbreak. Going even lower will cause some problems. The whole X gantry might hit the Z motor, not to mention that you won't be able to use a BL-Touch sensor. I strongly recommend you replace the heatbreak with a longer version that will solve this issue.
You don't have to screw the heat break cooler on it... Just tighten the M3x35 and it will act like clamp.
Have you seen the images I sent you?

Hi Kawanati, thanks for being very responsive and helpful. I will look for that heatbreak. For the meantime I found this thingy: Geeetech A30 Z-Endstop Bracket at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3390918 which could help me lower the hotend some more. Again, thanks for the great design and more power to you.

Update: The bracket was perfect with your mount, however, I just found out that the fan is not big enough to cool the heatsink of the E3D V6 all-metal hotend. This is even after applying a thermal paste on the heatbreak that screws into the heatsink. Because of this, I will have to revert back to the bowden setup for now.

Geeetech A30 Z-Endstop Bracket

I'm sorry that you're having difficulties. I have been using my design since I made my 1st Prototype and it works just fine, which confirms my doubts that the cooler that you're using is... not that good.
The Problem that I'm trying to make you avoid it, that if you lowered the X gantry, it will hit the Z motor, But don't worry... I can customize a part for you if you needed.

I have been searching for longer heatbreak as you mentioned but I cannot find any. Can you provide a link to it and the fan that you are using? Hold off on any customization for now. Thank you for your patience and assistance.

I'm starting to doubt that something is not adding up in the way you're mounting parts. If I can help, I certainly will. If --by any chance-- you can draw a sketch for the mounting plate, that would be very helpful

Hi rsvp,
Thank you for your comment.
There is 2 versions of the Extruder_Mount.stl and I think that you printed the volcano version (which is longer around 8mm). As for the cooling fan mount, you need to use a 3x35 mm screw with a nut from the opposite side to tighten the cooler and prevent it from moving... I will try to make a skech to clarify this. Please keep me posted

Thank you for your prompt reply. Since I printed all the parts, I also have the volcano version printed out which is much higher than the regular E3D version so I am actually referring to the non-volcano version. I am also screwing the cooler as shown on the pictures you posted. The other advantage of having an arm to the cooler is that if we need to access the hotend this is the only connection we will have to undo unlike now where we have to remove the hotend blower before we could have access to the screw to undo the cooler.

May I ask what fan specifications did you use for part and cooling since those that came with the A30 won't fit and the plugs needed by the A30 are smaller than the normal?

The part cooling fan is the standard good old 5015. As for the plugs (AKA Connectors) the choice is yours, because you are going to change everything.

Any chance you have finished the Volcano hotend? I'd love to try it out!

it's already there

sorry I miss that! Awesome thanks!

Could this also be used for a BMG with Volcano hotend?

No. But I can make one, if anyone is interested

that would be great!
could you also post which parts need to be printed in PETG and which in PLA?
do you also have a materials list for bolts and nuts?

Well I did the whole thing in PLA+ with no issues at all. Basically the parts that in direct contact with the motor and hotend need to be a bit heat-resistant. I will update the parts soon to add the Volcano version.

Hello would it be possible to see pictures of the montage?

That would be very difficult now, but I could write some tips to help you