Piggy Sitting(Sir Pigglesfree): Single Extrusion Version

by loubie Jul 12, 2019
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Love it- I hope you don't mind my intention of altering it slightly for myself- with a big old slot in his back. He'd make a crack[l]ing piggy-bank.

I agree and if can you wait, I will be uploading one on Cults3D which not only has a slot but will also have a threaded stopper for easy coin retrieval. There will be a small charge for the piggy bank version (99 cents) but hopefully this isn't too bad:-).

If you decide to make your own then that is fine but do bear in mind, the license prohibits you from uploading and distributing your derivation and it will have to be kept strictly for personal use.

Thank you. I am a big fan of your work, and have collected and printed a lot of the things you make. Hopefully this will not be the last. :) Have a great day!

I'm working on an STL viewer plugin for unity and tried to test using this STL. I seem to be missing data for some triangles and have ONLY seen this issue testing with THIS STL. Is there anything different about it that you know of? I will dig into my rendering and try a fresh download.

Out of curiosity - where are you seeing the missing triangles? Continue this via PM if you don't mind.

The stl is manifold and shows no errors in Netfabb. I've used both Simplify3D and Slic3r to slice and it does so well. It renders in Blender too. No idea what the issue might be. Let me know if you figure it out

Love this PIG!! My son and I collect pig stuffed animals and have piggy names for all of them. Our favorite is Mr. Pigglesworth! We saw your model this morning and just love it. Thank you! It's truly awesome!

Thank you! Be sure to post any makes as I'd love to see them.