Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Valve Index Controllers: First Base V2

by BearCubsTeacher Jul 14, 2019
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Excellent design. very well made!

Thank you for the compliment!

Yes, I know. It's in many places that don't attribute the design to me. But, there's not much I can do about it, really. I just hope consumers shop around and find it from one of the few ETSY vendors who do point back to my Thingiverse page and give me credit for the design.

A big goal for me in making the object was to help people out and to make the model commonplace for Valve Index users, hoping one day even that a picture from a Valve office, public event, or workshop would surface with my base used on the controllers. So, the more that get made or sold, the more likely that is to happen I guess.

True enough... I still reported it and three other sellers of this. Since it's Germany it won't be anywhere close to the Valve office :P

Well, thank you for reporting it. I appreciate your concern and support!

Just browsed on Ebay Germany and found this design lots of times there sold for 25€ a piece... These scumbags!

Yes I found it too.
I don't know if BCT can do so ting about it.

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Can someone give me the link to magnetic cables, those a bough don't fit ...
Edit: The links to Amzon don't work anymare but, i find a way to use the cables i bought.

Has anyone tested if this base works with grip boosters attached? Thanks! :)

Yes, and they fit, but some have said it's a bit snugger than they would prefer.

Thanks man, sounds like nothing a little sanding couldn't fix!

Yup, between sanding the stand area and the grips themselves, I'm sure it'll end up in a perfect fit.

So the original cables do not work

I wanted a sure-fire charging connection without a hassle, so i designed it with magnetic cables, not the original cables.

For my first print, the notches appear on the wrong side compared to the picture. So it forces the sensors to face each other.

Take a look at the pictures of others. You’ve inserted your controllers improperly. :)

Also, with the wrist lanyard installed, I’ve noticed that (when you DO have them turned the correct way to align with the charging ports) the arc sensor arms tips may touch because the thickness of the lanyard cords tilts the controllers in a bit.

I tried about 4 different placements and compared to the pictures before posting. To clarify, that is the only way they will both seat securely. If I positioned them like the other pictures, only one will be seated and the other would have to be balanced a specific way to stay in. So yes in comparison they aren’t positioned per design so I was thinking maybe I had it wrong by positioning like the pictures. But I can’t rule out the possibility it could have warped during the print. For the most part, it looks clean. But I agree the thickness in lanyard cords are cumbersome. Overall I like the design and there are little details that were pretty cool. The cable management is a bonus for sure.

Something looks off with your base. The controllers should fit perfectly inside the cradles. I've not had anyone with this issue before- so you might reprint it and check out your printer alignment through some calibration tests or something. Also, the cradles don't appear to be deep enough, but that could be just to the photograph perspective. In order to be stable, it is a snug fit, but not tight. They drop into place without any effort and gravity will pull them into their proper seated position. The magnet on the cable helps too.

Try fitting them in without the wrist lanyards too. IT may help.

That's a very clever design on the cable part, was waiting for something like this. And I just happen to have the exact cables, that's lucky. will print it today, thanks!

Great! Glad to hear that. I think you'll be happy with the design. It sure makes picking up or putting down your controllers SO much nicer. Please post pics of your plot when you're done- and don't forget to plot a logo too to snap into the front!

Will you USB-C cables that came with the Index work just as well? Has anyone tested that? Looks great!

I did try, but they don't fit quite right or have the right depth so it wasn't a good fit. I suppose you COULD* glue them in place somehow so that it was a good fit- but it wasn't designed with a mechanical connection in mind, but with magnetic cables to make it much easier to engage the charger. If I wanted to try, I'd probably do something like feed the plug in from below, plug the cable into the controller, then carefully cover the sensor arc area and around the plug where it meets with the controller with something like stretch-wrap plastic. Dry fit it to make sure the controller nestles all the way down inside the hole with the factory plug in place, then I would inject some sort of flexible adhesive/caulking into the vertical slot from below- and when dry, pull up on the controllers...and they should hopefully not be stuck in place and the stretch wrap will prevent any adhesive from getting on the controller. Doing this will likely ruin the existing factory charging cables- but if it's a perfect fit then and I didn't mind snapping the USB on, then why would I care??? :)

And thank you for the compliment! I'm really hoping to see them in people's Index setups in the future!

*I'm not responsible for ruined cables!!!