Threaded Casting Practice Plug

by davidkbailey Jul 13, 2019
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Don't know if it's the file or what. I tried printing it, it went up a little ways, skipped a bunch of the print and tried printing out the top.
Showed it on my slicer too, thought it was just a graphics issue

Weird. At least it looks like you caught it before it made too big of a rat's nest of wasted filament. What slicer are you using? I just opened the .stl in Cura 4.1 and all looks fine. If you are not using Cura, you could try that one. In the meantime, I will pull down the current .stl file and re-upload it, just in case there was a problem with the original upload.

I also uploaded a new file that simplified the original design by reducing the faces of the model by about 25% of the original. That might do the trick. Fingers crossed.