Prusa I3 Autorewind Spoolholder and Filamentguide - gravity works

by pstimpel Jul 13, 2019
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Noob questions.

  1. Have you tested the movement on X carriage at the top, where this mount is attached to the frame? (My earlier auto-rewind V1 holder actually touches the X carriage). I seldom print 210mm high prints. but it would be great to not have that problem anymore.
  2. merits of considering to add a dust filter or just a sponge at top, where the guide is?

1.) I did move the carriage to the top, without any issues - but I did not print in full height. If - at all - it might be an issue of the last 2 millimeters.

2.) I did not since I did never need a filament cleaner. However, adding ne of the many dust things on top of the filament path shoiuld be simple with this design

Wow, an interesting alternative to Vincent's design. Truly much simpler to print.

But counting the teeth on your gears it seems to do only a 3/4 revolution vs 4 full revolutions with vincents design. Wonder whether this is enough for the MMU.

Furthermore the autorewind torque changes a lot between a full and an almost empty spool. But as you've mentioned, you see its benefit mostly to prevent tangled filament on full spools during backwards filament transport.

Hey Pete,

Thanks for your comment.

This design was not tested to be used with MMU - I don't own one. I am aware you would need more buffer to allow the MMU specific filament moves.

But then what is the use case for your auto-rewind spoolholder? Just prevent the filament tangling when you unload the filament? I usually grab the filament with one hand and rewind the spool with the other hand. No problem.

It does not tangle when you unload it the proper way. The issues I have seen you face during prints, when spools are really fresh/full. Due the movement of the extruder head to outer left and outer right sometimes the filament is jumping over the edge of spools. With the autorewind this does not happen anymore. Again, MMU is not my party, it never was and hardly will ever be.