Parametric clutch alignment tool

by jag Dec 11, 2012
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This is awesome thanks!
The 92 Integra version works for my K20A2 CL7 2006 Honda Accord 2.0 Type S (Japanes built for UK)

Thought of making something like that, but each time I have to align the clutch it seems that some electrical tape wound around a piece of threaded rod is much quicker than a proper printed alignment tool. Perhaps I should make one in advance, thanks for the inspiration!

You saved me a lot of hassle, sir.

Thank You :)

Great! I'm glad it helped you out!

If it helps with print times you can omit the splines and just use the inside diameter of the clutch disk.  Ive made a few of these on my lathe out of aluminum for a few vehicles, never had the spline on them.

and thats gonna be one rough engagement with no damping springs :P  

I know your gonna have fun :D

It's actually an electric car so, I don't often use it from a standstill since the motor is at 0 rpm.  I use it when shifting after I'm already moving.  You can put the car in 2nd or 3rd and start without the clutch.
I needed a clutch that could handle the torque since I was slipping the clutch that I previously had in the car.

looks like your going for performance, how fast is it? is it for the street, or strip only?

do you have a blog or website where you do updates?

It's pretty quick, I've never taken it to the strip.  It's intended to be a street car.  I'm in the process of upgrading it.  All of the torque is at 0 rpm so it has a lot of torque but not a huge amount of hp.  The old setup was 192 volts of lead acid batteries and the controller could do 1000 amps so it was around 200 hp probably.  The new setup is around 200 volts of LiFePO4 batteries and controller that can handle 2000 amps.  But, the batteries are only good for 1000 amps without being destroyed so, I'll have even more torque on the low end with 2000 amps of motor current but still only about 200kw of power.  The new batteries are much lighter though.
I have a very out of date website:
I'm planning on uploading a bunch of new pictures soon.

True, I've used a piece of conduit before but with my twin plate clutch, the two plates need to be aligned so I need the splines.

i see.

Can I ask what the machined piece of aluminum is behind your flywheel?  it doesn't look like a cast aluminum block

It's the adapter plate from a DC motor to the honda transmission.


Honda B-Series Adapter Plate for Electric Motor
by jag