X-Carriage for Bondtech Prusa Extruder MK2.5S / MK3S (Revised X-Axis)

by vekoj Jul 15, 2019
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Being the impatient fool I am, I printed your old version designed for the MK3 sensor, then Bondtech went and announced the MK3S BMG. Will the old design fit the new sensor ok, or would I be better off printing this updated version?

The sensor cutouts on the X-carriage will be a mismatch if you use the MK3 X-carriage with the MK3S extruder, You can get away with just printing the MK3S X carriage body, although I would also suggest printing the X-carriage back (top and bottom) because it constrains the cable a lot better than the previous version which was intended for the thicker MK3 cables.

I thought as much. Thanks for the help.

Just installed this with the new Bondtech MK3S extruder. Perfect fit as always. Thanks!

hi, is anywhere the top lid with threading for bowden adaper? I couldnt find it in files. Thank you in advance

Bondtech has them published on their Github repository, https://github.com/BondtechAB/Bondtech_Prusa_i3/tree/master/CAD-Files. They have few versions depending on the fitting you use (thread size).

you can use the cover from the following extruder. It has a top for a 6mm thread


Bondtech BMG Prusa MK3S/MK2.5S v2 FDM printable + RHD ver.C fan Shroud

"This X-carriage is specific to the MK2.5 / MK3S Bondtech Prusa extruder (the non addon version)" : which version are you referring to? In the Bondtech website there is no version of MK3S.

Lets just say I have a very strong suspicion that there will be one soon :)

I see. Does can be use also with my Extruder design? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3469271

Bondtech BMG Upgrade MK3S FDM printable new sensor integrated

Seems like its not, the sensor cutout has a small mismatch.

Thanks! i can easily modify. By the way you always do great designs!!

Yeah everything else looks directly compatible, its just the small discrepancy with the sensor cutout. Sounds easy enough to edit indeed.

Thanks for the kind words Marco.