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by pekcitron Jul 15, 2019
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Hi again!

I've only lowered it by 2 mm, thats enough to get a bit more grip. See attached photo, one to the right is the standard height.
Also I usually straighten out the PTFE tube as best I can, it "sits" better in the printed extruder channel.

Thanks again for the great designs.
After 10km of filament running through my Prusa I3 MK3s I'm in the process of a full bear upgrade with 10mm rods on the X and Z axis, Mitsumi Linear rails on the Y, with a conversion to the Carriage to adapt the Butterworth extruder assy to Yours and Vekoj's X axis assy, Phew!
Gone through quiet a bit of Filamentum Black CPE but getting there! :-)

Kim F


Yes I understood what you mean about the smaller space but I still prefer my way (sorry :-D). Keeping a PTFE tube straight is really hard. But don't worry I am not always right :-D

10mm rods on Z is definitely a very good idea. X axis might be too heavy for the stock Z steppers, be careful, especially if you put heavier 10mm Z bearings. If you use the Vecko's X axis make sure to take the one with screw holes for rod tensioning like explained in my guide here in step 6 and 7 :

I uses one turn of masking tape around the end you turn to give a better grip. remove the tape when finished to prevent the bulidup of dried glue residue.
You could also use a narrow strip of tape to "run over" with your thumb the exposed section in the middle of the tool to rotate the PTFE and get a chamfer on both ends if needed (I've lowered the "cut out" section in the middle to make this a little easier to roll).
Works OK for me!
PS: Thanks also for the F3d files, I've given up trying to edit STL's :-)

Cheers for another good remix ,
Kim F

Hi, masking tape is a nice idea, someone told me to use kitchen gloves as well. I will add those in the guide, thanks.

I thought about making the middle lower but I made it upper to keep PTFE as straight as possible during the rotation.

curious if a push fitting could be added to the end to hold it during the cut/chamfer process?

That is a nice idea but I am not sure it would improve something actually. But maybe you have a better idea on how it could be made.

Used this to cut the PTFE for my Bear 0.6.0 extruder, worked perfectly! Wonderful design as always from Greg. Thanks!

Thank you! I'am glad you like it!