Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

DW-BOT (Dualwire-gantry) 3d printer.

by Kulitorum Jun 26, 2014
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Looks nice. I'm interested in building a similar one myself. How did using wires work out?

It is 20x20x20 cm, if i remember right - maybe even a bit higher.

excellent. thank you

Maybe i didn't see it, but what is the build volume of this printer?

Hi Michael, I really like your new application of this mechanism. Would you mind telling us a bit more about how its printing falls short of the Ultimaker clones you have? Is it XY resolution issues and if so, how bad are they in the prints?

Please could you let us know what, if you had the time, you would try and work on to improve the printing closer to Ultimaker clone quality?

I understand you want to focus on other things from now on but I'd really like to try making one of these from the parts in my QUBD Two Up and some longer axis rods (600 x 12mm for Y, 600 x 8mm for 8).

Thank you

My favorite single-head printer is the Ultimaker original or the Ultimaker 2, if budget allows.

I have not been able (or not used enough time) to make it DW-BOT print as well as my Ultimaker clones (home made ultimakers) so I probably wont spend more time with it. I build it because I wanted to test flexible filaments, so I needed a direct-drive printer and it did that.

I am now busy building a dual-head direct-drive printer with at 300x300x420 mm print area :)

What is your favorite 3D printer, and what is the downside of the DW design, since you want to use a belt?

I haven't used it much (I have 3 other printers), but so far it's working well. I Just tested it Again last week, and it preformed fine.

I would however not recomment it as your only printer - it's still experimental, and we know that gt2 belts and pullys Works for a long time without problems.

My next printer is using tg2 belts and HIWIN rails.

after some time, how do you find this dual gantry system? is it working well all that time?

Yes, it is. I prefer square nuts when mounted in printed parts, the hex once has a tendency to rotate.

RS-components sells the nuts at http://www.rs-components.com - item nr. 0837262 (in the European stores, that is, I don't know about US)

Just printed the X and Y pulley.
Is it intended for m3 grubscrew and Square nuts?

And I uploaded the lasercut files in dwg and dxf.

Thanks Michael, im looking forward to print this..... As my son said: Wauw dad.... a machine making another machine.... Just like skynet (Terminator) ;)

File is uploaded. It may be a bit of a mess, and some parts are there in different versions, but I hope you can sort it out :)

I don't know of a program to do that, so I will upload all the stl files as I printed them in a zip file.

I printed this printer in PLA only, but this printer is build to print any filament.


Is there a free program to split the STL file to single units STL file?

Do you print in PLA only?

yes slic3r will and cura will. in cura right click on the model and you will see the option.

You are right, it is the same principle. Funny, they also look to be almost the same look :)
I guess he made hes first, I released mine first :)

It's still a bit early to say, I am still testing. The XY controls seems to work well. The fishing line I am currently using seems to streatch a bit with wear, so I am replacing the wires with some thicker once, and hope that will work it out.
The Z-axis spindle I am using now is a 12x3mm spindle, and a 3mm climp seems to create some microstepping errors on that z-axis which leads to layer-height wobbeling. I tried to use Prusas calculator (http://calculator.josefprusa.cz/)http://calculator.josefprusa.c... and changed my layerheight from 0.2mm to 0.1950mm, which did make a difference, but it's not completely resolved, so I am replacing the spindle with a 10x2mm next time I review the mechanics.
I have printed it at 100mm/sec with OK results. Not my fastest printer, but definitely the cheapest.
But of cause, anything that does not use the bed to run one of the axies, like the prusai3 have a clear advantage :)

Hi there,
Your concept seems very interesting.
Which advantages you have regarding speed and accuracy against current models/systems? (Replicator, Prusa i3)

Sure. Apart from the printed parts, its
2xlm12Luu for z
2xlm8luu for y
4xlm6uu for x.
a hotend - its made for e3d and
1m of 12mm stainless hardend rod
1m of 8mm stainless hardend rod
1m of 6mm stainless hardend rod
3 endstop switches (Dimensions as V4 SW048 or KW11i)
Acrylic, around 2m squared (I used 2x90cmx120cm)
I used printrbot electronics, but whatever you like.
The pulleys are 623VV V Groove Sealed Ball Bearings Vgroove 3 X 12 X 4mm.
Also 3 fans, 40x40x20mm
PC power supply or similar.
4 steppers, 3 "large" once Nema 17, 4.3Nm and 1 smaller, around 1.2Nm for the extruder.
Guess that's about it.

Could you maybe include a "simple" BOM, for the mechanical stuff ? (not nuts and bolts, but steel rails and other similar parts)