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by aaskedall Jul 18, 2019
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I have a question, printed the demo and have 4 wall frames and 4 supports, however not able to slide the walls into the supports easily. The slots look to have printed correctly, though am wondering what I might have missed, or may be missing to get the walls to slot in correctly. Want to figure this out before looking to get the set, which at least look wise is amazing!

I love these models for an idea i have planned for a display case. But i remixed one part and wanted to share it with you. I hope that's OK. Also backed the kickstarter and cant wait for the other parts!

**Realized after the fact you had it set to no derivatives so i pulled the file

Andrew, I had been teetering on the edge of late pledging to your previous kickstarter for the zone 1 stuff for a while now after getting back in to wargaming after 22 years away. I bought one GW terrain set for kill team just to see how it was and well. I've just printed a selection of these files on my FF Inventor 2 and straight away I've headed over to your kickstarter and backed you at the highest level. I'm greatly looking forwards to getting the rest of this set and your previous stuff too. I hope you continue to produce such excellent work. You have a customer for life! Thanks for making the hobby affordable for me again.

Kind regards

Thanks so much sir! I'll keep making things if you keep printing them :)

My printer will be running 24/7 again my friend much to my wife’s dismay:) I can’t wait to get some of your stuff painted up. You deserve a great deal of success on the back of your kick starters. Utter game changer. The best of luck to you :)

Anyone have some recommended print settings for say an Ender 3? I printed 4 walls, 4 connectors and a floor at .2 and it was nearly a full day. Wasn't sure if anyone was having any luck getting faster turnarounds.

I've seen pics of people printing the floor panel on it's side. Is this recommended vs just printing it out flat on the bed? Seems like the quality would not be as high printed on its side.

Thanks much for this btw, I loved your last kickstarter and am looking forward to this one!

Thanks for the kind words! the Z axis has the higher resolution vs the xy so it should look better. Unless it falls down, it can also be printed flat.

Pretty sure I'll back you (again!) but I'm test printing these just to make sure. Have you explained the function of "T-post for multi-level"?

I'm a bit unclear as to how to use it.

For what it's worth, I think I'll get more use out of this set than I did the first two sets (although I am glad to have them!)

Ha, thank you! I also think this is probably going to be the best set, and also the base for all future models. The T post thing is there if you'd like to make the multi level structures more sturdy. One or two of them can slide in between each level.

Thanks for uploading these sample models! I have purchased your previous kickstarter sets after the fact and they are such a pleasure to print and play with. Seriously, my best 3dprinting purchase since buying my actual printers! Can't wait to try these out and print a third tub full of terrain!

Thanks so much for the comments sir. I think this set is going to the most fun to build and hopefully easy to store :)

I've printed my first connector and wall, is there a way to keep the wall from sliding through without using glue.
Or does painting it works to give it the little bit more friction/thickness?

I have just uploaded new tighter tolerances to the Thingiverse page.

The tighter tolerances are amazing - occasionally you actually need to hammer the walls into the connectors, but they really hold well and don't keep falling apart!

Backed on Kickstarter, can’t wait to start building some full terrain boards!

Thanks so much for the support! Appreciate it!