Gender Neutral USB Arcade Controller

by dejajn Jul 20, 2019
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Hi, I have a problem with this project. I can only seem to plug this into female USB sockets? No matter how hard I try... it won't fit into any other non specific connector housing?

It did fit a Ethernet port momentarily, but it wasn't functional. Afterwards, the Ethernet port wasn't the same and has ceased communication with any other devices.

I've tried reasoning with the USB controller, but I only found contempt and was belittled on social media for having expectations that the USB controller would happily conform and operate as intended.

Look, I've tried everything. But being a middle aged white male... I'm honestly starting to wonder if it was worth trying at all. I mean. I never had a problem with USB... I just assumed that it would just plug in and work just like all of my other devices. I was willing to put in the effort to make it work. But I just don't think it wants to get along with any other devices.

I get it... it wants to be different. But does it have to be so difficult to get along with? What about my feelings? What about my expectations and my beliefs? Don't they count also?

For now I think the USB Arcade Controller will just have to agree to disagree... I've tried, boy i've tried. Maybe one day... USB will understand that everyone matters. We all have to get along. And sometimes, just sometimes... somethings are just mean't to work a certain way.