Micro Retrieval Tool

by BaronWaste Jul 22, 2019
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what exactly is a Micro Retrieval Tool ?

Basically a pocket sized grappling hook used to reach stuff like something stuck in a tree/on a roof or keys dropped down a drain.

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The one on the left was printed on a Davinci Pro and the one on the left was printed with a Monoprice Mini Delta.
I used a .06 layer height and 20mm speeds for everything but travel and a 10mm brim the Delta with Cura.
I used a .2 layer height and 20mm speeds on the Davinci with a 10mm brim. The Delta print started to wobble ever so slightly towards the tip but it wasnt an issue, the filament just couldnt cool fast enough. The threads look great though. I'm trying g again on the Davinci with some different settings. The Delta print is actually pretty decent, just some file work on the tip and it would work fine. Good challange!

The one on the left looks my first try at printing one of the spikes. The one on the right looks almost just like the ones I have now. If you find a way to cool the tip quick enough please let me know! Looking good though. Do you have any intention to print the rest of it?

I have the body printing on the delta and the cap printing on the davinci right now. I have the aluminum ones and have used them for years. They stay with my camping and fishing gear. I'm a machinist and have had to machine new parts for them over the years. I'm going to continue to play with these until I find the best settings for them. With the threads being so fine they definitely need a fine or ultra fine layer height to keep them crisp and detailed. As far as the tips go, I might try carefully blowing canned air on them as they get close to the end. I'll update here if I can find better results.

I'll try it when I get home from work in a few hours and post it.

I'd try the spikes with the threads at the bottom with .2 line height and 25% infill.

If you do then I would love to know how it turns out. I might try it myself just to see if there is still enough definition on thread at that height.