Terraforming Mars Storage Solution Insert

by TheCutter Jul 24, 2019
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Where do you fing 2.8 mm thick magnets??? It seems like a weird dimension.

In Germany you can buy them in many online stores. Do you need another size in the prints? Just tell me which size of magnets you have for which box.

Hi from Canada. And that would be great. I can get 8mm x 2mm or 8mm x 3mm for the same price. Whatever you think is best. Also, what sleeves did you use because the boxes seem a bit tight already.

I changed the design to use 8 mm x 2 mm magnets for the Misc Storage box. So the height is the same for all magnets now.
As sleeves I use the Mayday Premium Card Game Size sleeves.

Yep thanks, I had a few left and it fits really tight but it does fit. I am guessing 89 mm long sleeves would bend a bit. I will order the magnets now :)

Okay nice, don't forget to post your make! :)

Hi, thanks for these inserts. Anyone try with all expansion: Hellas, prelude, Colonies, Venus and Turmoil? and with sleeved cards? Thanks!

Turmoil should also fit in the box. And the card holders are made for sleeved cards. What I don't know is if the all the new cards from Turmoil fit into the cardholders...

Thanks for you answer. So, you did not try with turmoil. It's just a supposition?

When I designed the inserts Turmoil was not released yet, but there were some informations about the content of the expansion like the two new boards, which I considered during the design, so they should fit under the Storage and Credits box together with the Venus board. The new cards should fit in the cardholders and the delegate markers should fit in the storage box. So I was not able to test it, but planed the design to fit everything based on the information available.

I tried to get the new Expansion at Spiel Convention in Essen, but the German version was sold out at the second day... :/

OK. thanks for the reply. The work is really great. I have Turmoil and I will make some try to test if it fists. I will post some updates when its done.

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Thanks! That would be really cool!

Perhaps there is a solution (but I don't have the skills to test that :-( ): on your photos, there is an empty space in the center of the storage box. one possibility might be change the design of the inside of the storage box in order to create space for the global event cards. Consequently, global event cards should fit in after modifications. The best would be two box: one mini storage box for colonies marker and another box for global event cards with a little compartiment for neutral delegate marker :-D.

I am not criticizing your work. It is great! I am just trying to help ^^

Moreover, do you think the 7 delegate markers of each color fit inside the personal box of each player (mixing cube markers and delegate markers)?

I'm really thankful for your comment and testing!
The empty space on the rendering is for the Colony Tiles. You can see them in the first photo where all stuff is in the box.

The idea was to put the delegate markers in the big "Storage" box together with the other markers and the cards together with the other cards.
But you say all cards from the base game and all expansions do not fit in the 3 large and 2 small cardholders?

Hi, sorry, I don't explain myself correctly...
Here the misc file modified in order to fit the global event cards inside

Moreover, I made the 3 cardholder. The sleeved cards (all expansion + goodies + KS exclue) fit inside. But no more cards fit inside ^^

I started printing the first layer of the MISC file v2 (modified) but there is stil a problem: the piece is not enough wide. Indeed, as you can see in both pictures, there is a lack of 2-3mm in width. Moreover, I think it will be great to have notch (as in cardholder) to take easily the cards.

I really think it is the solution keeping the global event in "misc" box. But for that, it is necessary to modify the misc box and his top by increasing his width. With that modification, do you think it would necessary to decrease the width of ressource box?

It is a nightmare to modify a stl file. Do you accept making the modification? If not, I can try but only if you accept to sent me the original files...

Thanks for your help

Okay got it. I really appreciate your help, but to be honest I don't like the idea of putting cards into the storage box.
Just give me some time, I think the expansion will be available in germany in the next weeks, so I can figure something out.

Hi, I have a good news! I printed the little cardholder. the global event from Turmoil and the Prelude Cards fit together but only if you don't sleeve the cards. Thanks again and sorry for my overthinking ^^

Ah okay good to hear. I know it should be a tight fit. Maybe it fits better if you leave the 4 rule cards and the Beginner Corporation cards out. ;)
Don't forget to post your make of this!

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Is it possible to print it without the magnets or add them later? Want to print it but not all the magents are available you used....

You can print it without the magnets, but you will not be able to add them later. Just wait until you got all magnets and then start the print.

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Love the design using magnets! Did you use 4 (1 in each corner) or just 2 (opposite corners) on every part that needed them?

Looking at ordering a bunch of magnets so a count would be nice please :)

Thanks so much!
There is one magnet in each corner for every box.
Don't forget to post your make. :)

this prusa filament is sexy af!

The best insert I've found so far.

This is an absolutely fantastic insert. Best one I've seen so far. Thanks so much!