Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Elliptical Gear Set with connecting links.

by PerryT Dec 14, 2012
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This is an awesome design, and I was just wondering if it was possible to make a 3 by 3 square, I see the 2 by 2, and it looks awesome. Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

If not, I will remix a large connector to hold all of the gears in place

Also I want to see if i can get the text to change color so here goes : It works!

If i had the time and ambition i would do the 3 by.... but remember you can't link all 3 gears together and have them all spin.
I got the idea for this design watching a old steam locomotive... just FYI.
well... its in my mind now... so lets see what happens...
Thank you very much for the compliment!....

Awesome man, thank you. You deserve more attention that the guy that remixed yours.

Why isn't this the Featured Design rather than someone's remix?

That seems a little unfair.

Does NOT work with PLA. Don't waste filament on it.

I had no problems...

Mine worked fine in PLA. I used .19 layer height .8 shell thickness and 10% infill.

well, with a bit of trying it can work fine with PLA. What i did is cutting away the rims on two of the tabs on each side with flush cutters, this way you can clip it in without too much stress on the tabs.

Printed these in PLA (MatterHackers Gold Pro). I was able to get two to fit nicely by aligning your logo and from there I could get 4 to fit together as well (using the flat connectors without the center hole). Good design and fun to print.

Printed these in PLA (MatterHackers Gold Pro) and while I could get two to fit nicely by aligning your logo, I could not put two such assemblies together to get 4 gears in good alignment - too loose even though I matched your pictures (tried the configuration you had with blue gears, 4 of the green connectors with a center hole and 2 of the red solid connectors). Good design and fun to print - I'm sure its just figuring out the proper gear alignment to get it to work.

are these parts movable?

YES.....fully articulating if assembled correctly. :)

wow nice ! im getting my printer soon and cant wait to print this.

do u know any software that i can edit .stl designs to make the bigger or smaller etc?

Netfabb is your friend. Sketchup is nice also, but it doesn't work all that well with STLs.

I have not found any software that works good with stl files as a native construction format. All major software packages i have dealt with export the stl from their native formats and some better than others.

iam making this now its pretty cool iam printing each piece a different color.

Fantastic.... i hope you enjoy what you construct.
Post pics of your finished prints and or assemblies....

so i printed it and had a idea to do mega gears so iam working on that too iam doing platform size gears

I can't wait to see them!

i posted one picture