darth vader mini

by stevehaines Jun 27, 2014
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I printed one at 75%, didn't work because the cape was incomplete (too thin i guess)
Tried to print one at 100%, but still had issues, maybe due to the slicing of Cura (v14.12).
The lower(back) edge of the helmet doesn't get any support!? (and i've set support type
to 'everywhere)
I'v never used an other slicer, so with Cura it's a no-go i guess.
Like the design a lot though :-)

Try adjusting your support angle in the expert settings. The default is 40 degrees. If you lower it, Cura may add supports to the edge of the helmet with the 'everywhere' support option. If you set the support angle to 0 degrees, Cura will add supports to everything that isn't completely vertical (90 degrees).

sorry to here you are having trouble printing darth, i printed him on an eos laser sintering printer, which can print finer detail, i'll upload a picture

Sorry to hear that. EOS SLS machine is 30.000+USD . Not for DIY.
With FDM it does not look possible to print so fine details AND things without support. :-(((

sorry to here you're having trouble printing darth, some people have printed him on fdm machines. perhaps ask them for the settings they use

I keep getting IO error retrieving version. What does that mean and how do I get past it?

Hey there. Thanks for the stl. There's a few issues with STL file. Slicer cant figure out whats goin on with the cape, and its not able to slice it properly. Leaving alot of blank spots. Do you have the editible file, so I can play around with it.

ive printed it out a couple of times and it printed fine, the cape is a little thin but never had a problem

sorry i've only kept the stl files