Working Twin Cylinder Air Engine

by tony_912 Jul 27, 2019
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Cool, good to know. Already moved on from the original design and now experimenting with three other models. Take a look at my instagram page https://www.instagram.com/tony_9120/, for more updated status of engines. Having a lots of success with single cylinder engine, but failing on getting dual cylinder to work satisfactory. On my latest model decreased the part count, added bearings, improved the cylinder/connecting rod/piston and flywheel. Yet my single cylinder engine beats all other iterations.
For assembly I do very little sanding, just to get parts moving smoothly. After running the finished engine for few minutes on compressed air, it kind of polishes itself. Would you be interested collaborating on dual cylinder version, to get it running perfectly?

I've been experimenting with different designs of wobble style engines but didn't have any luck getting them to work. What kind of assistance could I provide to get a two cylinder or multi cylinder engine to work? Try using PETG or T-Glase instead of PLA to get more accurate dimensions. You might not have to sand the parts. Could you repair the corners of the cylinder stl file?

Finally got the two cylinder version to work. Just posted a video about it few days ago on my Instagram. Sorry to hear about that you are having problems getting them work. Not sure about updating the cylinder file. For me it is few revisions old and I should focus on posting my new engine models somehow.

Could you post new revisions as a remix? I don't have an Instagram account. Do you have STL files & videos there?

It's good to see that more people are working on this design of the wobble engine. I was working on it a while ago but didn't have any success trying to get it to work.

I was looking at your files, and I found one part which needs editing. The main cylinder has 3 sharp corners but one beveled corner. The image folder was empty. I don't know if that is a glitch in the site's software or it was intentionally left blank.

I have several remixes which might be good for your design here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3214910. I have a hose adapter, modified stand with 608zz bearings, air muffler, modified spring, anti vibration spring shock mounts, snap together mounts, and other things.

I made a modified cylinder which uses Delta faucet plumbing seals to make a leak resistant seal. It adds resistance so it needs improvement.

How much sanding does your design require? I saw your videos, and noticed that it sometimes needs to be manually started. The bearing modification should help with that since it reduces resistance.

Wobbler Motor runs on less than 4psi compressed air
by Kunster