Mouse Bungee

by Matt246go2 Jul 29, 2019
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Hey, this looks really great so thank you for sharing it. I have a request which I think would be really useful for a lot of people.

I have the Corsair MM800 mouse pad which has a power cable and an extra USB port. I also have a wired mouse. This means there could be up to three separate USB cables coming off the mouse pad at any one time (one for the mouse, one for the pad, one for whatever you plug in to the pad).

Would it be possible for you to add cable channels into the base of your bungee, so that people who use wired mouse pads could then route the extra cable(s) underneath the mouse bungee so that they wouldn't be seen?

There could be three cable channels under the front of the bungee which all converge inside the base and then exit through a single larger channel at the back of the bungee's base. The reason for including three channels would be for symmetry; if you only needed to use a single cable you could use the middle channel. If you needed to route two cables, you could use each side channel, etc.

I tried to draw a sketch of what I mean, here: https://i.imgur.com/F3TWFBF.jpg

Would that be possible? There are no mouse bungees on the market which have extra cable management like this so it would be amazing.

Thanks again.

Hi, if you could say the diameter of each hole I could totally bhelp you with that!. I just need the dimension of each hole

Awesome, thanks. They're just standard USB mouse cables, about 3.4mm, so maybe the holes could be 4mm?

Also would you be able to share the source files for this project and let me know what software you're using so I can try tinkering with it myself, please? (Sorry if this is an obvious question; I'm new to 3D stuff)

Good morning, first of all, I really enjoyed your work on Mouse Bungee! Congratulations!
Could you change the size of the hole so that the spring is fixed without using hot glue? With a diameter of 7.1mm or 7.2mm maybe…
Thank you so much for your attention!

Sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation for the last week. The mouse bungee holes are a diameter of 8mm because the spring they send are not exactly 7.00mm and are ~7.5 mm. If you have your own springs I made one with a diameter of 7.2 mm. Glad you like the design :)