by OneIdMONstr Jul 28, 2019
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Love this! I'm making my second one now in wood PLA! Would it be possible to change the design up a bit so that the tail is sort of spiraled a bit, to allow for a larger overall print? Sort of like how the Mini Octopus has two versions: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3495390

I'm not sure how much work would be involved in that, but please don't go through too much trouble for this! Thanks for the great design!

Cute Mini Octopus

Would you mind to share a make?

Great idea. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong with my ender 3 pro and only this print but the left legs keep lifting. The bed is level and i use a BLTouch auto leveler, and this is the only print so far that is having issues. Not sure what else to try but this is the 5th time i have tried printing including moving and rotating the print around the bed.

If you rotate the print by 180 degrees still the same legs lift up? The model itselft is semetrical. There is no difference between the left or the right legs.
I had problems with the tail on one printer. I have incresed the "Initial Layer Line Width" in cura to fix the problem.

I use simplify3d and its the 3 left legs that start coming up at the tip almost as if its cooling off to fast, but i have other prints i have done similar to the width and not have that issue on that side. I'll try reprinting it with 170 first layer width instead of the current 150.

Thanx for the awesomeness!! Really fun print and now i don't need to go out and buy a facehugger anymore! Maybe i will try to paint this someday because it is awesome! Printed mine in PETG and made it a little smaller than the original file (23cm long now). Love from Sweden!

Can you rescale this ? by like 25% smaller? or will it not work anymore

I did mine a little bit smaller in Cura (its now 23cm from tail to front legs tip, or 9inch for USA). Don't really know how big it was from the beginning but it didn't fit to well on my Ender 3 printer i felt like (i'm new to this so don't really know the limits in size and stuff yet). But it works really good for me, the only thing i think is if you do it too small maybe it will break easy because i had to use a little force to make the arms bend the first time, but that can be (and probably is) because i have noooo idea how to set up my printer for the best result :P (Printed in PETG).

I am so excited! I loved the articulated one, but to have a Flexi one is amazing!

I am so excited! I loved the articulated one, but to have a Flexi one is amazing!

Sticking stuffers!!! Can't wait to print