Dual Harbor Freight Work/Filming Light (18650 powered)

by hotbrass Jul 28, 2019
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can you direct me to where you can get the parts for this light besides the light themselves? Thank you

You bet. I'm using a TP4056 BMS and a LM2596 buck converter. Both are cheap and readily available on Amazon. Happy making!!!

Thank You Can you send me a link to the rocker switch. Not sure what one is going to fit. I printed the housing using tree supports and came out nice.

Yep. This is the one I'm using. It's pretty standard. Looking forward to seeing the make!!!


Can you share the Fusion files? Id like t make some changes to this for a different mount and switch.

Sure! I've uploaded the fusion export file. Be sure to share your remix! I look forward to seeing it!

This model isn't manifold.

I checked this model in Fusion 360 and Simplify3d, but neither found any non-manifold edges. Can you help me out by indicating where you're finding non-manifold edges? I was able to slice and print this successfully with Simplify3d. Cura also sliced it without issue or complaint.

Fusion 360 imports as a mesh, S3D fixes these things automatically. Import to meshmixer and analyze the body to find and correct the issue. It was only while I was halfway through my remix did I notice.

Gotcha. I'll get it into mesh mixer and see if I can find the issue. I could also post the obj file or step file if that would make your remixing easier. I could also share the fusion 360 project if you'd like.

The modeling on it is done already, but thank you.