Orc Pirate Ship

by DarkRealms Jul 29, 2019
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Are supports needed for these? from what I can see, they could be support free, as I'm running an Ender3. I don't want to add if not needed, but don't want to print if they are & I don't add them.

Running Cura slicer.

Edit: Also, masts... are they supposed to be printed flat? cause they don't fit my bed - on Ender3 Pro.
I feel I could shrink them, but then I guess they wouldn't fit in the Hull...

Any suggestions / hints / tips would be great.

Hi there!, It's designed to be printed without support! the only issue you might see is some stringing with the overhang from the front part. Although it overhangs at a shallow angle it can still be printed without supports. Just a little bit of sanding clean up required :)

OK! Well, i'll have a go once my current print has finished then, I'm a bit nervous as some of the layers look like they print on thin air...
But will see how it goes!

I'm printing this now, and it's great! Thanks for sharing all the work that went into it.

However... There are some issues with the files. It looks like "HullMidPart_003_Ender3.stl" is the same as "HullBottomPart_003_Ender3.stl" where it should be the same as "HullMidPart_002_CR10.stl".

"HullBottomPart_003_Ender3.stl" also isn't oriented flat against the built plate, which isn't a big deal but may freak out some newbies. :)

Hi Peter, sorry for the dela. correct parts have now been uploaded (and rotated) Thanks :)

No worries! Everything was there, and is printing great. Just took a bit of figuring out. :)

Any chance of getting a version without the skull shaped ork head? I think it's a Warhammer thing, but just seems kinda silly.

DarkRealms, it looks like you have two Hullbottom 003 parts and you are missing the Hull Upper Deck.

Thanks for the spot! Hull top has been added

Congrats! I've printed your merchant ship from a few months ago and I'm sure this one will turn out fantastic too. Do you have a facebook so we can post pictures?

Hey yep! You can post to @darkrealmsforge :)