Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Automated Arduino 3D-Scanner Turntable

by 3ernharD Dec 15, 2012
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I was able to take your code and modify it to work with HP 3D Scan Pro 5. In this new version of the scanning software there is no longer a an option to use or see incoming data via the COM. So I was able to modify the code to send out a keyboard press of "F5" to start a scan each time the table spins like you had the COM doing in the other version of the Arduino code. This works with the Arduino UNO by also adding the keyboard HEX onto the board once the new code has been uploaded to the Arduino UNO. To change the HEX files from USB to keyboard and back again as well as adding key presses on the Arduino UNO I followed this Youtube video https://youtu.be/wTbjmulNSlw. She has all the other links for assets in the description of the video. One issue I had was finding the FLIP app. I ended up doing the HEX uploads through the Mac Terminal window. It seemed faster for me.

hey, do you think i would need a stronger motor if i wanted to scan
larger and a bit heavier objects than those you showed? i intend to scan
mainly SLR Cameras, for example the Nikon D600. And i also wanted to
ask if the wiring is possible on a normal circuit board rather than the
breadboard? Thanks

Just one question before I look at the code, is there a way to make this thing go faster. It seems to spend a lot of time just waiting before rotating. Seems like I could speed this up 50 percent. Can I turn down the scandelay variable?

Yes, you could reduce this value. In my setup, the whole scanning process in high quality takes about this time. If you reduce quality, have a higher frame rate aso, you can reduce the value wihout interrupting the scanning process.

thanks for all the info. And thanks for the work on this project. Its pretty sweet, I had the whole thing working in 45 min. Seems like the pots that come with the servos are 100k. I'll increase my quality, on the David SLS scanner, I just used the default. I'll post my settings when I get home. Also for the servo, I removed the pot in the servo, removed the pin to allow it to spin 360 degrees, and I soldered an 10k resister between the wires in place of the pot.

Thank you for your feedback! I hope you enjoy the turntable and get some nice scans :)

Actually just got it to work. Still unsure of value of the pot used BUT I just noticed that the wiring diagram doesn't match the firmware pin assignment. Diagram shows pin 13 But firmware sets it for pin 11. Also pin 3 is used for button input but firmware uses pin 2. Make sure you make any changes to adrino code before uploading.

Thank you for your feedback. I updated the firmware to version 0.4

what size pot did you use? And besides removing the 180 lock on the servo, did you just out right remove the pot in the servo? I tried this and my servo just moves way too much. Is this designed for the futaba? I'm using hitec. I presume it should be the same pwm.

Hi the pot is 100 kOhm. Regarding the servo pot, I just removed the top part, so it does not move anymore.

Hi! The potentiometer is 100k Ohm. Regarding the servo, I just removed the part on the top of the potentiometer, so it does not move anymore.

I have DAVID-3D with Beamer, but no 3D-Printer. I would like to build the turntable, so i ask:

  • where can i get/download a partlist?
  • where can i get/download the Arduino Software?
  • is there somebody around here who can/will build me the whole thing, at least the 3D-Printer Parts?

Hi, I uploaded the files to shapeways. Everybody can now let the files be printed!


Removing the 180° lock is genius! That sounds like a very cheap turntable with only few components. 

Frankly, I didn't even know that a servo has such a lock ;)