Articulated Chameleon

by McGybeer Aug 7, 2019
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I think I've got Christmas figured out. People are more bonkers about this than the illustrious f***ktopus! Great job, keep em comin'!

lovin this design! ive printed it a few times. its random weather the eyes come out looking correct, of if they come out looking scraggly. i wonder if theres a way to lock them in place while they print, at the bottom where they start printing in mid air. just a thought.

curious what you are working on next! you certainly are changing up the game with all these brilliant designs!

Thanks a lot for your comment. I'm glad you liked it.
In fact, the eyes have a small support (picture attached), but if it works or not strongly depends on your printer and slicer settings. It was very difficult to find a geometry that can be printed and then allow the eye to freely rotate.

And my next design is already finished. I'm still doing some printing tests, but it will appear soon ;)

Great thing! I love it and printed fine on the first try. I don't understand on separating the jaw though, shouldn't it be able to be printed all in one? Or you could even try to make it articulated?
Anyway, probably my favorite print so far.

I'm glad you liked it!
Yes, the jaw could be designed to be printed as part of the head, but this way you can choose to have the tongue or not, without having to print two full bodies.
It will be great if you post a picture in the "Makes" section. I haven't seen yet any chameleons printed but mine.

Hi, would it be a lot of work to post an STL with the jaw as a part of the head?
Because the head has a pretty small surface now and sometimes it gets loose while printing.
If the jaw would be attached the surface would almost double.
Besides no problems with getting the jaw to fit perfectly.

This i exactly what i wanted!
Thank you very much, great design! Printed perfect with the jaw attached.

Oh this is great! You actually beat me to finishing mine, but without tongue, I hadn't even thought of that!

Love your articulated animals I was wondering if you could make an articulated cat.