Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

AcOG hybrid reflex scope for picatinny rail

by risingsunn Aug 6, 2019
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This is my Nerf ShortShot CS-5.5 Fanboy Edition (cause let’s all admit it, the front barrel/gun/whatever thing that made it a “LongShot”, REALLY sucks) . Though I am not deep into the Nerf modding community, I like seeing some of the awesome mods that people come up with. I have taken what I think to be the best of old school modding, combined it with new school 3D printing, and thrown my own custom paint style and basic 3D modelling and put them all together for all the LongShot fans out there!

As with all my creations, thank you so much to all the people that have put their ideas and creations out there for the world to see, use, or print. I bow to your awesome creativeness.

Internal pump mod created by EMEUTIER found on the OzNerf site located here:
I took his center bracket design and printed in PLA 10mm thick at 30% infill and it works fine. I also remeasured and created the upper spacers as well. The lower spacer is no longer needed due to the thickness of the center bracket. You will still need to make the bracket arms out of aluminum due to stress. The aesthetics of this mod are cool, the mechanics of getting everything to work smoothly, are a nightmare. I may try the reverse bolt sled idea on my next build, IF I ever try this again.
Files located here:

Stock: Adjustable Stock by NIRODHA. This is a professional level design by a master artist.

"Conquerror" Picatinny Toprail by DevilZmods. Another awesome design by a pro it fits like a glove if the shell is cut correctly. Unfortunately the part warped in the 110 degree sun while the paint was drying so the fit is now a bit off.

Side Picatinny rails by sigstoat. Just some standard rails

Basic Longshot Trigger Guard designed by me, because I didn’t want to pay $15 for a part that I could design myself. It’s not as a “special” as a Worker but it works well for me!

AcOG hybrid reflex scope for picatinny rail
Remixed by me to fix picatinny rails for just such an application.
Original design credited in the link.

Color pallet:
Camo Deep forest green by Rustolem
Camo Army green by Rustoleum
Generic flat black
Generic flat silver

Nerf LongShot Internal Pump Action Integration Center Bracket with Spacers
Nerf Longshot Adjustable Stock
Nerf Longshot "Conquerror" Picatinny Toprail
Picatinny rail
Basic Nerf LongShot Trigger Guard (V4)
AcOG hybrid reflex scope for picatinny rail