Quacks of Quedlingburg Bit Holders (Geekup Bits)

by Kandyhouse Aug 9, 2019
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What kind brand/color filament did you use? I like the way they look.

Most of the filament we use is Inland or 3D Solutec, ( I believe this was done in Solutec Brown) both of which can be easily acquired via Amazon. I hope you get good results!

Are the files in the EXP versions the same but combined? I 3D print at my local library and they are unable to print the files as they have too large of a footprint. Apparently they use a Makerbot and it needs a Raft? Not sure, I am new to 3d printing.

Yes, the ones for the expansion are taller, and come paired with the lids, so you can print the right one with the right base. If opened in a slicer, it can be separated to reposition them. Im guessing they either arent familiar with this process or using a very weird slicer. I'll change the file, so you dont need a raft, or supports. Good luck!

You're quite welcome, I hope you enjoy the results! :)

I can't wait to make these! Waiting to print until we know if the extra Herb Witches expansion GeekUp bits will fit or not. Thanks for remixing these!

When you say "I also made modifications to fit the upcoming expansion bits", does that mean you resized the boxes and lanes to accommodate all the extra geeky bits that each color will receive? Or are you simply referring to the fact you made a 2 lane box for the pumpkin bits?

You know what, youre right, they did add more bits in general. I completely forgot, bc my copy of the expansion doesnt come with a break down of how much of each bit is added. I still think the new ones will fit, but only time will tell. In the meantime, Ill clarify the description.

I highly doubt many of them will fit with the expansion pieces. For example the white "1"s already don't all fit in the container. Not a huge deal for me, since I'll never play this game with many players, but I can see how it could be for others.

Thanks for the remix! Now I don't have to remake the original files for the new bits. Also, I like the lids. Mine were a touch tight for the first couple of plays until they wore down a bit from sliding in and out. This would make them fit off the bed much better. Great job!

When I resized the boxes to fit the geeky bits I resized the lids 1mm less and they work perfect.