20mm Test Cube

by bdcannon Dec 16, 2012
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Printed on CR-10S with Nunus PETG at 210C and bed at 70C.

Where is the 40 MM cube?

I don't have a 40mm cube here. There should be plenty on thingiverse somewhere. You can scale the cube to whatever size you would like though.

Thank you this test cube is perfect, thank you for providing it :>)

Also, if you print this out in vase mode, no infill, no top shells, it can be used to calibrate your extrusion multiplier.

But why 20mm? Personally I use a 10 and a 5mm cube when i calibrate the printer at the maker space... But my digital callipers are accurate to 0.005 mm, so I can detect a tiny error even at 10mm

Sorry for the late reply, by like a year...

I used to run workshops building 3d printers from the bottom up. Part of it was also learning basics for calibrating. A 20 mm cube is pretty short print so attendees could get more practice in updating firmware or steps per mm with gcode.

How this cube help me to test my printer?

the cube is supposed to be a 20mm cube. So, if you print it and you measure the cube in all directions, you can find any kind of error in the resulting size. One common problem is the "steps per mm" setting in the firmware. If you cube only measured 19 mm in the x axis direction, then it could be an issue of your "steps per mm" being off. If you divide 20mm (desired)/19mm (actual) you'll get a correction factor! So all you have to do is multiply your current setting by (20/19).

Print and repeat!

Da Vinci 1.0 printed great! thx!

I officially hate this thing. If I had nickel for everyone I printed... I'd probably have around $5