Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Low Poly Bulbasaur Planter

by Hitsman Jul 2, 2014
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Just printed this and I made a few modifications because I am a big fan of succulents and hope to give this as a gift but still give the plant enough room to survive in its cool new plant house.

  1. I printed this at 2x the size of the STL file. However, I am going to reprint this at 4x the size as the original STL file because I still think it is too small. Succulents don't need a ton of room, but they need proper drainage. To assure that they have the drainage that they need there needs to be room to out a layer of small rocks at the base of the pot.
  2. I made the drainage hole much bigger. Succulents cannot sit in water for too long and require to sit in completely dry soil between waterings. To help with that it is important to have a good size drainage hole.
  3. In the same topic of drainage, I also put a small drainage line at the base of the pot so that it can escape from the drainage hole and not just sit there.
  4. I made the hole where the succulent will sit deeper and wider. This will allow more room for the plant, the rocks it needs at the base of the pot and it did not alter the aesthetic in any way.

Printed in Hatchbox True white 1.75 PLA. UPSCALED 200% 3 HR print. Would recommend going larger as I had to cut the roots of my succulent in order for it to fit with soil. I picked out the smallest succulent at Home Depot.

Cura 4.2.1

Ender 3 - Red aluminum extruder, yellow springs.

Layer height - .2

wall line count - 2

infill density - 5%

infill pattern - cubic subdivision

Printing temp. - 200

Build plate temp. - 50

retraction distance - 6

Retraction speed - 25

Print speed - 70

wall speed - 35

intial layer speed - 20

no suppport or adhesion

Do you have an Instagram? This was my 2nd print ever and I posted it there. Wouldn't mind linking back to your design and adding you to the comments!

Another one on Etsy - https://www.etsy.com/shop/FABLABDesignStudio - they are just grabbing the top designs from here and selling, regardless of license.

I wanted to inform him too, saw it like 5 min ago. Great that there are more people caring about copyright. Etsy is full of pirated design, treating the CC like it is nothing...

i love it, thanks for the model :D

Love this design and am planning to print it soon. Does it need supports?

I've never printed it with them.

Comments deleted.

FYI found this being sold on the app "Mercari"

Made one myself on the Ultimaker 2+ Extended took only about 2 hours to print and weighs a mere 80 grams, much less than yours unless you're counting the weight of the plant itself, the hole is a little to0 small and the cavity for the plant is a little too shallow but other than that the design is very good and a great small gift for friends.

Nice model, printing my own right now.
2,5 scale, .2 layer height, 2 outer perimeters, 15% infill. Repetier says a little under 4h for the whole print.
Can't wait until it is finally finished!


Someone has copied this and re-uploaded


I printed this at 250% and it looks awesome, didn't have the right colour filament so printed in white, sprayed with enamel primer then green enamel paint. It looks fantastic. Cheers.

This is listed on ebay with title 3D Printed Low Poly Bulbasaur Planter by seller just3dprint

I was going to comment that they finally added some original pictures, but it looks like they just grabbed some other shots that people have posted here.

Made this but a little bigger at 250% scale and worked great. Thanks for awesome design

what software do you use to edit your models? they look very professional!

I use Solidworks personally, but that should not be evident in any of the pictures or files here. The original model was not created by me (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:327753). All I did was cut a hole in the back.

Low-Poly Bulbasaur

Meh. I appreciate the heads up, but I took the design from others.
I think that I'd be thankful for her not referencing me when Nintendo's lawyers come knocking because she's making money.

I made one about as big as my Ultimaker can go (about 20 cm height ) and it came out rather nice. I used a 0.8 to 1.2 mm horizontal thickness but printed it hollow so it's very lightweight yet sturdy plus it prints under 8 hours.

no infill prints ok? was just wondering that myself

can you edit the file for a 3 inch planter?
or 2.5? and repost?

Just scale your model up by the diameter of your desired planter divided by 0.75. So a 3 inch planter should be scaled up by 4 (3/0.75) and a 2.5 inch planter should be scaled up by 3.33 (2.5/0.75).

This is too cool! I am dying with all of the wants!

Did you print with supports or a raft?

I haven't used either on any of the ones I've made.

hm. For some reason, when I slice this with Slic3r, it takes out the bottom of the planter (where the hole is) so that it's just an empty cylinder inside bulbasaur. Any thoughts on why this might have happened? I'm printing at .2mm, .2 infill fill density.

Hey new here too, I want to make this but a little confused on what material to use. Any suggestion? I don't own a 3d printer but was thinking of using a website like shape ways This is definitely something I want but not sure on the details and stuff.. Thanks.

To be honest, I haven't printed with anything other than ABS plastic. I know that shapeways does a ceramic powder with a binder (and many other materials), but I don't know how resilient they are or if any moisture from the soil will wick into the model and stain it.
Shapeways might cost you a decent amount if you want to make this at a reasonable size. The model here needs to be scaled up 2.5x to be useful. I know that the reddit thread that spawned this had a guy who was offering to make these for people on his home 3D printer at cost (profit on a Nintendo property is a big no-no).

Sorry, I'm new here and confused. Why does the STL file say its only a certificate and can't be used?

*.stl is also a file extension for a "Certificate Trust List"
You should open the file with your CAD program instead of just windows or change your file association so that STL will be recognized by whatever CAD system you use.

What is that thick leafed plant in the pictures called?

The plant is a Pachyveria "Little Jewel" sold in a small cup at Wal-mart.

Don't forget to scale this up as noted in the info! At 100%, its pretty small and will only fit the tiniest of plants. You can find succulents and air-plants at some hardware stores (that have a garden department) or at nurseries/garden supply stores.

Hey, just wondering, where did you buy the little plant? Trying to find one but not sure where to look...

He said in the description that the plan is from Walmart. It's called the Pachyveria "Little Jewel." It comes in a small cup.

I was going to suggest you to make a little hole, but you already did it! I love it!

I wish i could do these things. i love the idea of a Bulbasaur Planter. Maybe a charmander candle holder?

this was on reddit

Yes, he clearly stated that in the description.