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Triple Noctua Fan

by Elie973 Aug 18, 2019
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Excelente trabajo Elie973, tengo un par de preguntas, la primera es si es necesario imprimirlo en ABS, no es válido PLA o PETG? Y la segunda es si realmente se nota la poca potencia que según dicen tienen los noctua y por ello has puesto 2 unidades para la ventilación de capa.

Muchas gracias de antemano y otra vez enhorabuena por el trabajo.

Excellent job Elie973, I have a couple of questions, the first is if it is necessary to print it in ABS, is it not valid PLA or PETG? And the second is if you really notice the low power they say they have noctua and therefore you have put 2 units for layer ventilation.

Thank you very much in advance and again congratulations for the work.

Hello, thank you very much, i printed it in ABS because the fan duct is very close to the heating block, the PLA will melt and the PETG resists better than PLA but it is not the best choice. (Polycarbonate or ABS is better)

I put a fan on each side only to better cool my prints on all sides.

To gain more powerful airflow you do not have to put the same Noctua as me (Noctua A4x10) you can put a Noctua A4x20 or another more powerful fan provided that it is 40x40.

Awesome job! Thanks for sharing ;) Do we need to reduce airflow with those 2 fans or keep it to 100% ?

With pleasure :-) In my situation i used A4x10 Silent Fans from Noctua and the Airflow is no powerfull but it's work to cooling my pieces and fix my briges correctly, if you want a great air flow take another 40x40 Fan with more power.

What size fans does this use? Noctua A4x10?

Yes it's a Noctua A4x10

This design is amazing, I'd love to try it out. My only issue is, that I use Ender 3 instead of CR-10. Is this compatible with it? I think it should, if I'm correct, then they're using the same hotend mount, can someone confirm it?

Hi, thank you so much, i do not know if it will be compatible but I took a pictures of my hotend with the measures, it could serve you.

Hello Elie, thanks for your fast reply, i am expecting the micro swiss hotend for my cr10s pro this week. The moment it has arrived i will measure it completely and ad some pictures... If it is too much work or too hard to get this right, don't bother, i didn't think this through... Just considering it is already very nice of you!!! thanks...

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i am a noob in printing, but i am skilled enough to upgrade my cr10s pro, so far i have replaced all the interior fans with noctua, but the exterior fans give me a headache, I ordered a swiss hotend to improve my printer, but your fans ar capable of taking in this cooling block. Since i like your design, and i don't know how to say this the right way, can you design me one for the swiss please? I can not draw in 3d or whatsoever...
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Hello Tim, cool projet, i dont know if i can do this for you without the hotend in my hands, i need to have it for mesuring and test if everything fit perfectly, what is the model of the hotend please ?

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