Sea Harrier FRS1

by erikgen Aug 21, 2019
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You are being very productive, I am liking your models very much and they will be on the print queue soon

I guess a Pucara is next if you are doing a Harrier?

If you are lacking inspiration a Pilatus PC-7 would be nice. It Iraqis used them as CAS in the Iran Iraq war. I have done one but its not great and I think you'd make a better job of it :)

Hi Bob
I'm glad you like my models, i like a lot yours too.
Usually i make a model if it is not already available , i mean a good printable version of the specific variant i want and a excellent Pucara can be downloaded from Captain_Ahab_62 with many other wonderfull models.
The Pilatus is not on my list for now and I'm sure yours is not so bad (I can't find it, have you already released it?); the next one will probably be Saab Viggen as a Ja and AJ variant if I find enough docs on it, but not soon because for a while I'll spend my free time painting some of the ones I've already printed.
Thanks a lot.