ImpulseRC APEX GoPro Mount 20/25/30° (Session / Hero 5/6/7)

by ps915 Aug 24, 2019
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These are great, thanks so much! Any chance of a 45? :D

I printed the Session mount. Good form, but thin and fragile. Will hold the GoPro, but will do nothing to protect it. The attachment points are so thin, first bump into anything and the screws will pull right through. Thicken everything up a mm or 2 and it would be great.

all my mounts are 2mm and i never had problems with that! Anyway, i uploaded a 3mm base version! Happy flying!

Cool! The base screw holes have always been a weak link for me in all FPV GoPro mounts, even with added M3 washers, they're the first thing to let go in a crash. I fly a lot of trees, structure, concrete, metal poles, etc.., so I'm used to occasionally breaking stuff, but in this process, I find the afore mentioned weak links. I'll check out and print the new version.
Thank you for responding in such a useful and positive manor instead of just telling me to fuck off and not crash so much.. :D

Sure man! =) Appreciate the feedback. It also depends on how you pint it! I am printing with 60% Infill, but a lot of 100% bottom layer. Thats because my baseplates always getting very stiff and holding perfectly when they are just 2mm. Also my layer height is 0.25 which makes its very strong! =)

Whats your settings?

PS: #dontcrash :-D

I'm printing 100% infill on all of it, .02 layer height (going to put in the extra 3 hours and print this one at .012), Sainsmart TPU. The stiffness is usually good, but smack a tree, pole, etc.., the rear screw holes pull right through on thin mounts. I'm not Doug (Botgrinder), but I do hit stuff sometimes.
Once again, I seriously thank you for your interest. I'll print your Hero 7, 3mm mount too. Now I just got to wait for my Apex frame to show up, ImpulseRC is saying they have a supplier delay, so maybe next month..

Hello what angle are those, need 25 and 20 cheers

added 20 and 25!

ist 20/25/30°

I was referring to my previous post about making a couch style mount like this one. https://www.brain3d.co/collections/all-products/products/astrox-x5-30-session-couch-mount?variant=7596666716190 I contacted brain3d and they don't plan to make one for the Apex, which sucks. I use these on most of my quads so i can easily move the session from quad to quad. https://pbase.com/image/169767210 whoops, wrong picture. https://pbase.com/image/169767212

that looks perfect. I have a tpu case over my session, so that will allow it to fit with the case.

ImpulseRC APEX GoPro Session Couch Mount 20-40°
by ps915
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Can you make a session couch style mount for the apex? I will send you a tip!