Fallout Joe REMIX - Human proportions

by arboriginal Aug 24, 2019
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These proportions look much better, thank you for sharing!

Hey friend, that's a nice remix, but I think I can reason why the arms are long. This armor have a hydraulic frame, and the hands of the person holds a pair of levers that control the mechanic hands of the armor. That's why the arms are long. That being said, this is true on Fallout 4, and this figure uses Fallout 3 meshes, and by judging the position of the pip boy on this game, they where not like this yet.

Hi Marcus,
We can debate on it, but as I said, this is firstly a personal preference ;)

But IMHO, this model is not inspired by a Fallout 4 power armor because in this game, the armor is more became an exo-skeleton, and the size is about twice a normal human. In fallout 3, this is a real armor, a bit bigger than classic ones, probably with those levers, etc because they are assisted and required a training before being able to wear them. But the character keeps a heigh about the same, and arms keep their normal length. It exists power assisted gloves which are melee weapons (I don't know the english name). [ I repeat, this paragraph is my personal opinion, maybe not the truth ]

And for more informations:

« instead of gloves and boots, the power armor frame has a set of fully articulated mechanical hands and feet, which mimic the wearer's hand and foot movements via controls in the shins and forearms. This increases the wearer's arm length and overall height by approximately one foot. » (F4, compared to F3)

You can also check on commercial figures how are proportions:

And finally, an in-game picture to compare human with and without power armor:

Fallout 3
(this is Brotherhood Of Steel main characters in Fallout 3)

Anyway, I hope you like it if you print it... Otherwise, you're free to create a derivate with your own vision. ;-)

I didn't looked at references, youre right. I'll try at least the arms when I can.